An Easter egg hunt for your own little treasures

To enjoy the long Easter weekend with your family, what could be better than an Easter egg hunt!

Here are some tips on how to make this activity a success. 

First of all, I suggest you buy plastic eggs that split in half. : You can personalize them by inserting all kinds of little surprises for the children, such as chocolates, candies, stickers, press-on tattoos, etc. At any dollar store, you will find many little tokens that will delight your treasure hunters.

To spice things up a little, choose a different coloured egg for each child. They will have to find eggs in the colour assigned to them. This will also give everyone a chance to participate fully, regardless of their age.

Finally, since the children will be full of energy when they finish the hunt, prepare other activities to keep them busy: drawing or painting so that they let their imaginations run wild on Easter themes, colouring, creating bunny masks, etc.

Take the opportunity to immortalize your little drawings in photos and videos!

Happy Easter!


Tricks for your spring cleaning


Spring is upon us, and we all suddenly feel like having a clean and tidy house. However, it is important not to spend all of our weekends scrubbing if we want to enjoy the great weather! In this blog post, we provide you with some tricks that will make your task easier.

Walls : To clean pencil marks, scrub gently with a bit of toothpaste. For greasy stains, scrub gently with a wet sponge on which you put some baking soda.

Blinds : Put on a pair of old cotton gloves, spray your blinds with some window cleaner and clean the slats one by one. Once the blinds are clean, pass a fabric softener sheet on. This way, it will be much harder for dust to stay on.

Ceramic joints : Make a paste blending baking soda and a bit of hot water Use a recycled toothbrush to apply and scrub the joints in between the tiles.

Windows : Add 15 ml (1 tbsp) of dish soap in a bucket filled with hot water. Clean the windows with a rag that will not leave any dust. Then to make them shine, wipe them with sheets of newspaper rolled into a ball.

Children and courage

At the beginning of this year, I read what I thought was a business book (Courage Goes To Work). It made me think, and I realized there are a lot of similarities between raising children and developing an organization’s courage. The more I look at growing South Shore, the more I see a connection between raising children and developing our people.

I remember that when we were raising our 4 kids, I wasn’t always around to help, since I was on the road and developing South Shore to the best of my ability.  Sylvie, my wife, was often left with the kids, but we always managed to get in touch daily to talk about whatever was happening in our days.

As you can imagine, with four kids there was always something going on, some good days and some not so good. But as parents, there is always a time where you are confronted with a situation where one of your children can get hurt or be disappointed: situations where you could get involved and tell them, based on your experience, that this is what’s going to happen and why it’s not a good idea to pursue it.

Sylvie and I took a different path, and we would ask ourselves 2 questions: 1) Is there a possibility that the child is going to get hurt physically?

The joys of camping… in your basement!

Looking for an original activity, with lots of laughs, to surprise your little ones and give them a taste of summer? Why not suggest the joys of indoor camping… in your basement!

Every child will have fun organizing this very special evening. You can start that afternoon: first, put up the tents and lay the mattresses out on the floor, then get to work transforming your basement into an enchanted forest. Brighten up this space with Christmas garlands – they’re a great way to reproduce the most majestic starry skies. A small improvised campfire made from cardboard and tissue, with a few camping chairs placed around it – and there you go: you’re all ready for an outdoor evening of songs!

Add a soft, woolly touch to your little darling’s room

Looking for something original and personalized for your little one’s décor? Texture contrasts are becoming the new “in” thing – so why not go bold and put a mix of materials together for a great-looking effect? Today, I’ll show you a decorative piece that’s easy to create at a very low cost, which can blend in nicely with the existing décor: a homemade mobile fashioned from balls of knitting yarn.

Materials needed…

  • Styrofoam balls (choose the sizes and quantity you want)
  • Approximately half a ball of yarn per Styrofoam ball, depending on the size of the ball (color choices are up to you)
  • Small finishing nails
  • The process…

    1.To start off, I wound the yarn once around the Styrofoam ball, then tied a knot.

    2.I then wound the yarn around the ball until it was covered completely.

    3.Once I was done, I tied a firm knot to hold the yarn in place.

    4.To hang the balls, I used yarn of the same color (a piece of fishing line could also have done the trick), which I tied into a knot around the ball. Finally, I attached the length of yarn to the ceiling with a finishing nail (you’ll find that it’s easier to hang the ball if you tie a small knot at the end of the piece of yarn or fishing line).