How to get rid of monsters under the bed

The other day on the airplane, some of my good karma finally paid off: in the seat pocket were three beautiful magazines left behind by the last occupant. JOY!

  • OThe Oprah Winfrey magazine, a magazine full of wonderful ideas for your home, kitchen, body and soul.
  • Health Magazine: maybe a sign that I took it a little too easy on my vacation?
  • Redbook, which I hadn’t heard of, but the tagline Love Your Life piqued my interest.

In Redbook, there was an article about how families manage their sleep routines. If you’re a parent, you probably know what the most challenging time of day is: getting the kids to sleep is more art than science. But what are some ways to promote rest and relaxation?

As a designer, my first instinct is to ask if your room or your children’s rooms are optimized for sleeping. If they’re full of toys, books and clothes littered all over the floor, maybe you need a new storage solution.

One option is the mate’s bed (or captain’s bed), which offers plenty of integrated lower storage. This bed also solves a major problem: it makes it impossible for monsters to find a good hiding spot. Think about it!

Child bedroom - Clever Collection

      Here are some more tips from the magazine that will improve your bedtime routine:

      • Go to bed and get up at the same time every day, even on the weekend. This will help your body know when it’s tired and when it’s well-rested.
      • Establish a curfew for your electronic devices (TV, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry and video games). This includes grownups! Parents who unplug themselves at a certain time can create a barrier between their professional and personal lives.
      • Take time to relax and leave your cares outside the bedroom. Writing a journal or chatting with your kids about their day can help to clear your mind.
      • Stick to a routine! You don’t need to organize your daily life with military precision, but a steady routine is something that kids can rely on.

In addition to these ideas, I’m convinced that a calm, orderly and attractive living space makes a big difference for your sleeping habits.

What do you think?

Share your experiences about what works for your family.

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