Organizing a Tiny Closet: What a Nightmare!

Everyone grumbles about the size of their closet. Yours is too small to fit your wardrobe. Your son’s room is too small for his toys. You’d have to triple the size of your front-entrance closet to store all your outdoor clothing. While there’s no magic wand you can wave to instantly make your closet larger, I have a few tips that’ll let help you maximize your closet space!

Make the most of vertical space


Have you thought about adding levels to your closet to get the most out of the height? Most closets only have one shelf above the pole, but all too often the space underneath remains unused. To add another level to your closet and maximize your closet space, you have a few options to choose from:

Try adding a second pole at the lower level of your closet—you’ll be able to hang even more clothing. That way, you can organize shirts and jackets on the top pole and pants on the bottom pole. This setup is even more effective with children’s clothing, which is generally shorter in length.

Not sure where to store that old, unused chest of drawers? You can make new use of it by placing it at the back of your closet. This new arrangement will be ideal for storing clothes that are difficult to hang and often get pushed to the back of your closet. If you don’t have a chest of drawers at home, you’ll find the perfect size of chest by browsing through our wide range of products. Just make sure the width of the chest of drawers fits the width of your closet.

You can also use your child’s closet to store toys—that way, they won’t get scattered all over the floor as is all too often the case. Open compartments at the back of the closet will keep your child’s toys in a central, accessible area. What’s more, your child will gain independence, because storing the toys at his height means he can put his own toys away, or even get dressed all by himself! Think about the possibilities!

Lose hope whenever you walk into your teenager’s room? Try hiding a hamper for dirty clothes in his closet—while it won’t make his room spotless, at least you’ll be able to see the floor!

Time to accessorize!


An endless range of accessories will complement your closet setup and simplify your life. Look for them in any big-box store. Some of these accessories include:

  • See-through containers you can place in the front-entrance closet. Keep your accessories tucked away in containers where you’ll still be able to see what’s inside;
  • Hanging closet organizers in a variety of fabric designs. Ideal for storing shoes and other accessories;
  • Individual shelves that can be installed into the wall, and other types of open arrangements;
  • Have you used up all of the space in your closet, leaving no more room for your shoes? You can use the inside of the closet door to place a cloth organizer specially designed for your shoes.

All of these accessories are produced in several types of material and are available for different prices—no matter your budget, you should find one that’s right for you.
For a quick laugh, take a look at this odd shoe rack, the Show Wheel, introduced on François Charron’s blog

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