Blogs for July 2011

Taking care of laminate furniture

Our laminated particle board furniture is no different from wooden furniture: it requires care and attention. But how should you clean it if you can’t let liquids or damp cloths sit on it? Here are some tips from our experts.

  1. Always use a clean cloth to prevent scratches.
  2. Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products, which could damage the finish on your furniture.
  3. You have two options: either a dry electrostatic cloth or a slightly damp cloth (but make sure you wipe your furniture with a dry cloth when you’re done).

We recommend using felt pads under figurines, lamps and storage boxes to prevent scratches.

You should also avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as this can cause the finish to fade over time.

When you take good care of your laminate furniture, it lasts longer —and you get a better return on your investment!

Soon-to-be mom seeks change table

Expectant parents are always concerned about their baby’s comfort, so they put a lot of thought into organizing his or her new room. Since diapers will have to be changed several times a day until the baby is potty trained, it is important to choose a change table that is both comfortable for the baby and convenient for mom.

Change table - 3346

Change table – 3346

Choosing a change table: what makes a smart choice?

The change tables available on the market offer several types of storage. Drawers, doors and shelves help you to stay organized and keep all your baby care items on hand. These storage areas are easily accessible and allow you to change your baby safely without leaving him or her unattended. Here are some of the available configurations:

  • Open spaces for storing baskets. These storage units allow you to keep items within reach without having to move away from the change table.
  • Drawers at the bottom of the change table are useful for storing blankets.
  • A sliding door (see photo) creates an ideal space for storing fresh diapers and making them easily accessible.

The baby changer is located on the top of the change table. The surface is equipped with side rails to ensure the baby’s safety.