Colors that are suitable for all

When shopping for furniture for a child’s room, you can always choose a typically feminine or masculine style. But if you want furniture that will suit more than one child in the family, go with something more neutral. Even with neutral collections, options abound to make each child’s room special. Read on to learn more!

Lighter finishes such as white and vanilla are popular for girls’ rooms, while darker finishes—black, charcoal, chocolate and ebony—are preferred for boys’ rooms.

Here are some unisex finishes:

Sumptuous Cherry

Sumptuous Cherry

Morgan Cherry

Morgan Cherry

Natural Maple

Natural Maple

Medium cherry and maple finishes are great for either boys’ or girls’ rooms. Keep in mind, however, that the style of the collection can also influence your decorating choice.

For example, the sleigh bed and decorative moldings of the Louis Philippe-style Vintage Collection, even in an Ebony finish, are perfect for a girl’s room, and the collection’s dark finish lends itself nicely to a boy’s room. Without the gentle curve of the sleigh bed, however, a similar collection in the same finish may not be as well suited to a unisex style.

As strange as it sounds, our brains associate the shapes we see with the lines of the human body. Straight lines, because they recall the distinct lines of the jaw, shoulders and torso, are often associated with men. Curves on the other hand, which recall the hips and bust, are more often associated with women.

As such, the clean lines of contemporary styles are commonly used when decorating for boys, while traditional styles, with their curved detailing, are typically used for girls. In addition, fuller lines are generally more pleasing to males and narrow, delicate lines to females. The following fonts demonstrate this concept.

Balanced decor for a unisex bedroom

If you’re aiming for a unisex bedroom, avoid exaggerated styles and select pieces with complementary attributes. Combine more feminine colours with a contemporary style, or a darker finish with a traditional look. Better yet, choose a medium tone in transitional style pieces, which nicely balance straight lines and curves (for example, a rounded handle on an unadorned drawer front).

The wood grain of furniture is also important when choosing your furnishings. Dramatic and noticeable wood grains may be more popular with boys, while girls may prefer finer and more subtle wood grains.

When adding painted stripes to the room, it is important to consider the stripes’ width and colour. Generally speaking, wider stripes are considered more masculine.

Lastly, remember that these are not strict rules but helpful tips. Combine our expert advice with your personal taste to create the perfect room!

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