A room of their own: personalizing your child’s room

Your child is one in a million—shouldn’t his or her room reflect that unique personality? Read on for some great ideas on how to personalize the decor of your child’s room.

Create homemade works of art!

You don’t need to be an artist to design striking pieces. It’s as easy as framing a piece of cloth from your child’s bed set or a piece of wallpaper you like. You could even personalize the frame by adding your child’s name or a photo that has similar colours.

Some stores sell very deep picture frames into which you can place treasured objects. Why not add some pieces of your little one’s baby clothes, his or her first pair of shoes, a soother or another beloved object? You could also choose an item that represents each year of his or her life and build a beautiful memory wall. Don’t be afraid to play with the colours of the objects, backgrounds and frames to mix and match with the room’s decor. One interesting option would be to use tone-on-tone colours to create depth with understated elegance.

Pick a theme, any theme!

Your little quarterback dreams of touchdowns while your little princess won’t wear anything but pink? Reflect their passion by integrating some of these thematic elements into the room’s decor. It’s as easy as picking out a greeting card, a book at the flea market, a comic strip of a cherished character or any other neat find that matches with the theme—let your imagination run wild!

You can also personalize the deep frames by referencing the room’s theme. For example, try thrilling your princess with a miniature tea set, a tiara or a fake diamond.

Decorating tips for your child's bedroom


Easy as A-B-C!


Add a touch of originality to the room by playing with the letters of your child’s first name, or letters associated with the theme. Be creative and place the letters in original ways and unusual places. For example, you could put large letters on a shelf, at the bottom of the door or vertically next to a window. You could also personalize your child’s items like a pillow, basket or even the bedspread by sticking or embroidering on his or her first name.

Use canvas to make a big statement

Just took a fab photo of your youngest? Try getting it blown up onto a large canvas to make it a focal point. Some companies can even put the images on a window shade and other materials.

Finally, why not get the whole family involved? Get your kids to help pick out the decorative objects and theme. It’s a recipe for wonderful memories!

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