Tissue boxes: the perfect final touch for your home decor!

OK, I admit it: I’m obsessed with the small things, especially when I’m decorating or cooking. I’m admitting this to you today because I know that I can’t be the only one out there—do you see a bit of yourself in this story?

Just like you probably do, I have tissue boxes strewn here and there and everywhere around the house: in the powder room, bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom . . . but not just ANY tissue boxes, mind you. I choose boxes that match my decor and pick up on the colours—and even the style—of the rooms in my house. When I find a style that catches my eye, I’ll even hike my way across town to a pharmacy or grocery store if I can get my hands on it in bulk.

Looking around at the wealth of riches on offer in the tissue box aisle, I realize that I’m not the only one putting so much thought into the subject: companies are coming out with more and more interesting designs using trendy colours and all shapes and sizes. Seeing as we already hunt down pillows, baskets and knick-knacks to match our decorating scheme, what could be wrong with personalizing a simple little inexpensive item for a bit of extra oomph factor?

Here are a few pics—some of my favourites—of the new generation of tissue boxes.


When browsing some sites to read up on the subject, I even discovered—believe it or not—personalized tissue boxes! It’s true, for residents of the United States anyway. I’ve got to say, that’s even a bit too much for me . . . unless it was just a little birthday prank for a friend?

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