Decorating a baby bedroom: is it going to be a boy or a girl?

If you’re still unsure if your unborn child will be a boy or a girl, decorating his or her bedroom is not easy. Many parents prefer their baby’s gender to be a surprise, which can make decorating the baby bedroom a nightmare. Here are a few tips for creating a unisex decor that is calm and gentle—perfect for your little treasure, regardless of the gender:

A unisex baby bedroom

A unisex baby bedroom

  • The starting point for every decorating project is to choose a theme. Some themes tend to be more unisex, such as farm animals, insects, the zoo, the circus . . . set your imagination free!
  • Find a comforter that fits the theme you’ve chosen. To make decorating easier, it’s better to choose a comforter with a variety of colours and different patterns that will go well with the other objects in the bedroom. A variety of colours will give you great flexibility when it comes to choosing the colour of the walls.
  • For the walls, choose one or two neutral colours such as light green, lavender blue, cream, beige or yellow. If you’d like you can add some contrast by painting one wall in a deeper colour, like milk-chocolate brown or darker beige. However, it is important that you choose colours in relation to those that appear on the comforter.
  • If you wish to include a colour with a little more “punch” on one wall, choose one that goes with everything, like a cantaloupe orange or a turquoise blue.
  • As for the walls, white and maple finishes are the best to give the room a unisex style.

Then you can add decorative elements to make your baby’s bedroom more cheerful. It will be much easier to change these elements slowly as your child grows older rather than to repaint the room entirely. Include some accessories that are red, apple green or blue. Then add pillows, a carpet, curtains, shelves and stuffed animals in different colours. If you find decals related to the theme, you can stick them on the walls or on the furniture to put the finishing touch on the bedroom.

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