Blogs for December 2011

Design tools

My girlfriend and I have been making some major changes in our home lately: we added a living room, built a new room for our eldest child in the basement, and redesigned my daughter’s existing room.

Just like with any family project, we all want to let our individual tastes and needs be known: compromising is a must. For example, in our new living room, my girlfriend would like to have an office space, my daughter would like an arts and crafts table, and I would like to have nice big armchairs for when we have friends over. So we were faced with a dilemma about how best to use our new space: how do we get the look we want, plus make sure we buy the furniture that will meet all of our needs perfectly, without overloading the space? We used a few tricks that I thought you might find interesting.

Scrapbook your ideas

Collect all of the magazine clippings, pictures of furniture and decorations, and samples of the paint and materials you intend to use in your new design. Just as in a scrapbook of your most memorable vacations, glue all of these items onto a large cardboard sheet.