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The Elements of a Successful Country Décor

What is the Country look?

The Country style is also referred to as “old-time” or “rustic”… whatever the term used, its essential characteristics remain the same: an aged or antique, warm style of décor. The overall look is one of nostalgia with a few lively touches, which evokes the era of our ancestors while also paying tribute to nature.

Country style furniture

Country style furniture

Types of Country décor

A number of variations on the Country look have been developed, including the French and English styles. Here are the differences between the two:

FRENCH COUNTRY: The predominant colours are white and cream, with more vibrant accent colours such as light blue, yellow and green (the latter are associated with the Provincial style). Fabrics can feature a variety of patterns: botanical, toile de Jouy*, stripes or checks.  Don’t hold back! You can put all of these patterns together as long as you keep your colour theme consistent.

ENGLISH COUNTRY: This version uses more intense shades: yellow ochre, deep red, forest green and brown. Creating the desired ambiance calls for natural materials such as wood, stone and leather.

*Toile de Jouy: A fabric on which landscapes and scenes of workers in fields are depicted against a solid-coloured (often cream) background.