3 Ways to Play with Chocolate Brown Furniture

They litteraly swept the stores and houses like a tsunami in the past ten years, the Chocolate brown furniture are everywhere today.  They have the advantage of providing warmth and elegance to a room and even before having added any color or deco.

They arrived via the contemporary wave, but since they were so popular it didn’t take long before finding them into transitional and traditional designs too.  The Chocolate furniture are fairly easy to enhance and fit with most wall colors (except maybe blue, you really have to pick the right one).

As always to choose a color it is preferable to start with the fabrics you like for your room (duvet cover, curtains, sofa, etc.). The paint colors for the walls and deco accessories will simply follow. However there are some rules to know if you are looking for a specific ambiance.

3 options with Chocolate brown furniture

3 options with Chocolate brown furniture

As an example if you want your room to be sober, you can paint the walls ivory with Chocolate furniture, this will bring a classic feel. Then you rely on wall art and accessories or patterns in the fabric to add warmth and personality.

If you are going for a more glamorous décor, the kind we can see in a chic hotel, you can paint the accent wall in a burnt orange that pairs well with chocolate brown and brings richness. With ethnic accessories, one can even dream of traveling around the world.

Finally, even if Chocolate furniture is warm and elegant, it is possible to give it a modern & vibrant twist with a bright green.

Once again, there are several ways to have fun with Chocolate furniture!

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