Blogs for September 2012

An ingenious way to bring baby into the family circle

Your delivery date is still a few weeks away, and you’re looking for something to keep you busy while you wait for your “precious bundle” to arrive. How about a simple, yet ingenious, personalized decoration project: a family tree, with a special touch of “design”, for your baby’s room!

A family tree with a touch of "design"

A family tree with a touch of "design"

You need a canvas, in the size you want, and two colours of paint: one for the background and another for drawing the tree itself (use colours that go with the décor you have chosen). The tree can be drawn in a more linear style (to go with a modern décor) or you can create more curves, depending on what you like. (Visit Pinterest for some great-looking samples.)

Next, choose the nicest photos of Mom and Dad, grandparents, and brothers and sisters. Print them in colour (for a more playful effect), black and white (for a more “serious” look) or sepia (for an “antique” appearance). Cut the faces out of the photos to fit the sizes and shapes on the tree, then “frame” them so you can arrange them on various branches. Creating the frames is easy: Just cut the shape you want out of a piece of cardboard or scrapbook paper.