Blogs for October 2012

A different Halloween evening with your family!

Halloween, the perfect occasion to binge on sweets without any guilt but also to have fun with friends & family! Most kids enjoy the frantic search for the most original costume they can possibly create for October 31st.

But some kids are not into walking the streets at night and knocking at the door of people they don’t know. If your child is part of that group, there are many other ways to celebrate this feast with the family! Here are some ideas.





On the other side of the door

Many « trick or treaters » circulate in your neighborhood in quest of candies? Purchase some treats (and if you feel like it you may also prepare individual bags) and have your child participate! Let him (or her) answer the door and give the surprises to the other kids. It is a way to be involved and slowly take pleasure in the Halloween evening! The most daring may dress up to be even more in the spirit of the party.

The theme movie night

Your family enjoys cinema? Nothing easier! You can organize a movie night and pick a movie that has to do with Halloween as long as it is suitable for the whole family (there are plenty of choices: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper, Monster House, The Addams Family, Corpse Bride, etc.).

The zen bedroom: Create an environment for yourself that’s conducive to sleep

If you haven’t had a good night’s sleep, the consequences can be somewhat unpleasant: A child can be tired, have problems concentrating in school and start to feel somewhat unmotivated, whereas adults can have a prickly disposition and experience fatigue and a lack of concentration.

“Going beddy-byes” is, without a doubt, the most restful time of day! But to get to that stage, you need to have everything conducive to sleep in place. So here are a few bits of advice on how to create a sleep environment that works for everyone.

Location: If at all possible, set up your bedroom so that it looks out onto the backyard and street noises are far off and muted. Also, keep it as far away as possible from the main traffic areas and any sources of noise in your home. In the same vein, position the bed so the headboard is not up against a wall with the sound of a flush or the never-ending beep of Junior’s video console coming through from the other side.

Orderliness: Choose furniture that’s a good fit for size of the bedroom and make sure you have enough storage space to keep all of your personal effects out of sight.

Chocolate: A popular finish that’s a safe bet

Do you get a sense that the finish we call “Chocolate” or “Mocha” works with many types of décor? Have you also heard it described as versatile and timeless? Well, both those statements are true!

Our Chocolate finish - Our Mocha finish - Our Matte Brown finish

Our Chocolate finish – Our Mocha finish – Our Matte Brown finish


Because of its extremely subtle grain, Chocolate goes well with a variety of patterns – for both bedding and rugs. When you browse our website, you’ll see that this finish blends nicely with all styles: from Traditional to Contemporary to Transitional!

Further to Sophie’s post about 3 ways to play with Chocolate brown furniture, here are a few other ideas to inspire you!

Combine Chocolate and bright colours

Use these colours to achieve a dazzling contrast effect with “punch” that incorporates the tried-and-true: a Chocolate finish. Since the wall colours are easy to change, you can modify the décor anytime you want!

An interesting idea for a child’s room.


A room that combines Chocolate finish and bright colors

A room that combines Chocolate finish and bright colors

Exotic Chocolate

Chocolate evokes, for me, the colour of wood used to make those African masks and figures we buy as souvenirs. You’re most likely familiar with Ebony, which is generally black.