Blogs for November 2012

November greyness

November is almost gone and you start to feel the lack of sunlight? It would be so simple if we all worked outside…

For people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, it is possible to purchase lamps with therapeutic purposes; the pharmacy specialists will advise you well. That being said, natural light has a beneficial effect on the stimulation of immune system and everybody’s mood, depression or not.

If you have plenty of time and money, a trip to the south can certainly help, but just in case you don’t, here are a few simple inexpensive tricks:

  • During the day, if you’re inside, open all blinds and curtains as much as you can.
  • Depending on your work schedule, go and put your nose out during lunch time to take a few breaths of fresh air and most importantly a light bath.
  • Enjoy your days off and play outside with the kids or take a walk, not only is it good for your spirit, it makes you work on your cardiovascular.
  • Add to your diet a dose of vitamine D.
  • Don’t hesitate to have a millepertuis herbal tea as this plant provides antidepressant effects.

Don’t you feel better now that you know light therapy is pretty easy!

Lacquered elegance

Lacquer is becoming the latest “in” thing – for the bedroom and the kitchen, as well as the living room. And the reason is very simple: Its re-invented retro look brings life back to any room in the house and gives it a contemporary appearance that’s out of the ordinary!


Lacquered Elegance Reflekt

Lacquered Elegance Reflekt


So you love the modern style and wish you could get a great bedroom suite of Italian design… the one you’ve been dreaming so much about, but which is way beyond your budget? Well,SouthShore’s Mikka collection was created especially for you!


Lacquered Elegance Mikka

Lacquered Elegance Mikka


And now, your dream furniture is in your home, but you don’t know how best to show it off. The answer is simple: Your furniture will now be the focus of your bedroom, so over-decorating is unnecessary.

As we explain in our post titled Stuck with White? Here’s a Survival Guide!, think of your walls as a canvas. Paint them grey, white, cream or any other colour that’s more or less neutral, so they can serve as a “background” that makes your furniture

stand out. And don’t worry about dullness – you can add accent colours elsewhere in the room!

A unique way to add wood to your décor

I’m one of those people whose favourite décor style is not very clearly defined. What I like is eclectic blends that bring together elements that have won my heart: plenty of wood, a mix of materials and handmade products created through small projects.

A new creation that has won my heart is a small coffee table created out of logs – a unique way to add wood to your décor while producing a harmonious blend of rustic modernity!

  1. Choose a log of the right diameter – it must be big enough to produce a table surface of the right size. In my view, you need a log at least 12 inches in diameter; however, individual needs can vary so you should go with what you like.
  2. Make sure you cut the log properly, using your saw at both ends. The log MUST be level.
  3. Remove the bark.
  4. Clean the log with sandpaper until it is dirt-free and very smooth.
  5. Use water lacquer to varnish the log. For optimal results, you’ll need at least two coats. You would be well-advised to wait a while after cutting the log before you apply the varnish. The wood has to be dry. Since it’s a natural material, wood can become warped, depending on temperature variations.

Decorative pillows are magic.

I love to decorate!  I am no designer, but I have my own taste and I trust myself enough to experiment.  What I like the most is when I create a WOW that doesn’t cost too much (when I’m done paying for boots, sandals and gym classes for my girls, it leaves less for the decors I dream of).  However, over the years I have found some inexpensive tricks to add life or change the look of my décor, one of my favourites being to mix & match decorative pillows.


I played safe when I started by choosing only one pillow with a pattern, but now I am a little more daring and use different colors, patterns, sizes and textures.  All the stores with affordable prices, carry many choices, however you can not expect to find everything all at the same place so you might have to visit a few to get the match you are looking for.

Here are some rules that might be helpful if you do not know where to start, or if you are afraid to make mistakes; these rules apply for a living room or a bedroom:


  1. Have a look at your duvet cover or sofa to identify the dominant color and the accent colors (meaning those that are less present).