A unique way to add wood to your décor

I’m one of those people whose favourite décor style is not very clearly defined. What I like is eclectic blends that bring together elements that have won my heart: plenty of wood, a mix of materials and handmade products created through small projects.

A new creation that has won my heart is a small coffee table created out of logs – a unique way to add wood to your décor while producing a harmonious blend of rustic modernity!

  1. Choose a log of the right diameter – it must be big enough to produce a table surface of the right size. In my view, you need a log at least 12 inches in diameter; however, individual needs can vary so you should go with what you like.
  2. Make sure you cut the log properly, using your saw at both ends. The log MUST be level.
  3. Remove the bark.
  4. Clean the log with sandpaper until it is dirt-free and very smooth.
  5. Use water lacquer to varnish the log. For optimal results, you’ll need at least two coats. You would be well-advised to wait a while after cutting the log before you apply the varnish. The wood has to be dry. Since it’s a natural material, wood can become warped, depending on temperature variations.

Small coffee table created out of logs

When choosing a finish, follow your taste: Apply a protective cover to the underside of the log and place your new table directly on the floor. You can also buy a set of table legs in any good hardware store and screw them onto the log. All that’s left is to customize your table and make it a unique part of your décor.

My good friend Pascale has done particularly well with hers. She was kind enough to let me share her results with you, in this space.

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