Blogs for January 2013

Creative walls

When I was a kid, most of the walls in houses were either White or even worse covered with  old carpet in highly questionable colors, ok it was the late 70’s and early 80’s but still!

Today walls can be fun and if one thing has evolved, it’s the number of different wall covering possibilities.  There are a lot of choices to create a distinctive touch or even to «camouflage» a wall that is not quite perfect.

We have tested a few options for you and I want to present 3 options.  In a future post I will present other types of wall covering materials and other ways to create an accent wall.

  • Decorative stone: One of our marketing coordinators took on the challenge with her boyfriend, in their living room. Unquestionably stone is a material which adds character and value to any home.  However it is not the cheapest option and it does require a certain level of dexterity (her boyfriend is in the construction field). Depending on your budget, you can go for a complete wall or just a vertical strip. The beauty is that there are several color and style choices. Furthermore, today’s decorative stones do not require mortar and grout, simply ceramic glue.

Style and Colour Trends for 2013

You may not agree with every colour scheme proposal you see – what’s important is that you feel comfortable in the space you’re preparing to change. If you’re not too fond of the “wolves and horses” look, that’s fine… I’m more or less with you on this; in fact, what I really like is owls! :)

Everyone follows the dictates of their personal expectations, based on what’s happening in the world, the issues that engage our societies and buying trends – both current ones and those of previous years. Interpretations vary, of course, from one group to another, but it’s all based on what’s commonly observed, so certain things do sometimes come up more than once.

Here are my observations to date regarding style and colour trends for 2013, which are to some extent shared among specialists.


A few ideas that are sure to become part of several types of décor.

Style trends

1. Art deco-inspired


2. Multiple light fixtures

Photo: Versa déco

3. Vintage

Photo: Emma’s decoration blog

An upcoming article will also cover trends in fabric for 2013. :)

Furniture with a dash of colour.

In making the rounds of various furniture expos across the ocean – specifically, in Germany, France and Italy – we see grey, taupe grey and cream; wood in its natural state; bright colours in upholstery for a little “punch”; and painted wood for an antique or a vintage finish.