Style and Colour Trends for 2013

You may not agree with every colour scheme proposal you see – what’s important is that you feel comfortable in the space you’re preparing to change. If you’re not too fond of the “wolves and horses” look, that’s fine… I’m more or less with you on this; in fact, what I really like is owls! :)

Everyone follows the dictates of their personal expectations, based on what’s happening in the world, the issues that engage our societies and buying trends – both current ones and those of previous years. Interpretations vary, of course, from one group to another, but it’s all based on what’s commonly observed, so certain things do sometimes come up more than once.

Here are my observations to date regarding style and colour trends for 2013, which are to some extent shared among specialists.


A few ideas that are sure to become part of several types of décor.

Style trends

1. Art deco-inspired


2. Multiple light fixtures

Photo: Versa déco

3. Vintage

Photo: Emma’s decoration blog

An upcoming article will also cover trends in fabric for 2013. :)

Furniture with a dash of colour.

In making the rounds of various furniture expos across the ocean – specifically, in Germany, France and Italy – we see grey, taupe grey and cream; wood in its natural state; bright colours in upholstery for a little “punch”; and painted wood for an antique or a vintage finish. Recycling is still of interest if you have the patience for it, or you could simply buy the item “as is”.

Furniture with a dash of colour:recycling

Choosing Colours for Paint

The Color Marketing Group, an international association for colour design professionals, announced that BLUE will be the dominant colour for this year and the years to come. Why blue? It’s seen as stable, comfortable and relaxing. Environmental and political issues are also influencing factors.

Similarly, Pantone has chosen EMERALD– said to be the “colour of elegance and beauty” – for its Color of the Year.

At Benjamin Moore, the Colour of the Year is LEMON SORBET, which the company sees as “the perfect transitional colour between the mid-tones and saturated colours seen in today’s home furnishings” and pastels, which are expected to gain in popularity in 2013.

So you know that you can buy paint from a number of companies, including Sico, Behr, Benjamin Moore and Rona… and there’s also Pantone, the colour specialist. To sum it up, each one has its own colour specialists who develop colour trends for the coming year. And the current trend favours shades of blue as well as hues that hearken back to the past. Colours like champagne, cobalt blue and violet seem to evoke the old world, while “punched-up” pinks or greens would be more suited to young people’s spaces.

Here are the broad outlines:

Choosing Colours for Paint: photos de 1. Rona, 2. Benjamin Moore, 3. CountryLiving pour Pantone

  1. A palette that uses less conventional, contrasting colours. You could achieve an industrial-contemporary style contrast that can also be quite understated. Neutrals with touches of bright colours are used.
  2. Soft colours are combined with neutral shades and patterns, to breathe new life into a traditional look. While this palette was also inspired by gardens and paintings created by the Old Masters, what’s evident is the return to earthy shades – this time, with violet blue tones. These vintage-inspired colours represent balance and calm.
  3. Here, the surrounding elements are enlivened with a lot of “punched-up” colours, as referred to above for contemporary European upholstery. This warm and extremely lively palette could serve as inspiration for both exotic travel and the spontaneity of social media.

Each of these organizations has put up photos of inspiring décors that use their various palettes; if you’re interested in colour trends, you may find it worth your while to take a look.

Now all you have to do is give free rein to whatever inspires you! Happy New Year!

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