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When I was a kid, most of the walls in houses were either White or even worse covered with  old carpet in highly questionable colors, ok it was the late 70’s and early 80’s but still!

Today walls can be fun and if one thing has evolved, it’s the number of different wall covering possibilities.  There are a lot of choices to create a distinctive touch or even to «camouflage» a wall that is not quite perfect.

We have tested a few options for you and I want to present 3 options.  In a future post I will present other types of wall covering materials and other ways to create an accent wall.

  • Decorative stone: One of our marketing coordinators took on the challenge with her boyfriend, in their living room. Unquestionably stone is a material which adds character and value to any home.  However it is not the cheapest option and it does require a certain level of dexterity (her boyfriend is in the construction field). Depending on your budget, you can go for a complete wall or just a vertical strip. The beauty is that there are several color and style choices. Furthermore, today’s decorative stones do not require mortar and grout, simply ceramic glue. Some are made from recycled materials and others from lightweight composite concrete for walls with a structure not sufficiently strong.  We’re far from stone age………..


  • Textured wall paper you can paint: It is really a simple way to «hide» a wall with small defects. Some companies offer preglued paper you simply wet, then apply on the wall (that’s what I used) and others require that you put some adhesive. In my case it was a first ever experience and an opportunity to «test» my patience and marriage because we did it late at night (very bad idea); but with a little perspective I can assure you it was not that difficult because there are «how to» videos on youtube and we laughed quite a bit. The different patterns give more or less «punch» depending what you prefer, but you must know the motif also has an impact on the ease of assembly; my choice was a simple design to create some texture but nothing too style specific and most importantly seamless because the design was the same all over. It is really not that expensive and I can paint it a different color when I want, a good feature in my case.

  • 3D panels from WallArt: Our sales vice-president will stop at nothing to please his son, that’s how he embarked on a wall project for his bedroom.  His platform bed didn’t have a headboard, but who needs one with such a wall treatment?  Those are wall panels of approximately 20’’ x 20’’, made of waste from the processing of sugar cane and these are biodegradable.  All you have to do is glue them one by one on the wall and make sure to align the patterns (which are really original).  Since it is a fibre, it tends to «drink» a lot of paint and you might think it is easier to paint them on a table before the installation to put as many coats as necessary. However, after this test, we can tell you it will «curl up» when you glue it to the walls and the paint dries, that’s why you should prepare small finishing nails or paint them directly on the wall. In terms of installation ease, it is less complicated than wall paper to cut.

Three different materials, three projects and a few company suggestions; companies that offer these types of wall coverings, there are many others though, it depends on your local hardware store. Besides, the professionals in store will be there to help with the measurements and installation tips. In all 3 cases we are not pros but we got some good results. Last point, I think you must be aware that when removing these materials there will probably be wall repair to do, it’s the price to pay to have something different!




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