Blogs for February 2013

Do something new with the old

Are you bored with your furniture or do you have to switch it from one room to another and think it won’t go?  Hold on!  Before you decide to donate or toss, there is one easy and affordable thing to try and that is: replace the handles.

I’ve done a few tests to illustrate what I mean. For example on the left side, you can see a 4-drawer chest rather contemporary with linear handles in an antique Pewter finish for a little boy’s look.  On the right side, I replaced the handles for new ones featuring a chic design and a curve in the middle in a shiny finish. This subtle change gives it a feminine and refined look.

The 4-drawer chest in your son’s room can then become a storage piece in the hallway or vice-versa. The change could also be more drastic, it depends what your needs are.


Here’s another example, it is a 5-drawer chest with a White distressed finish with wooden knobs, which give it a country style. And yet, this same chest can also borrow transitional lines if we add delicate metal pulls.  We could also change for flower metal knobs for a young girl or colorful plastic knobs for a younger child.

Storage space in your closet!

Finding space for storage in your closet is always a challenge. Even a tight space needs to be organized so you can find things quickly and put them away easily. Because I’ve had to deal with this problem since I was a small child, I tested a few solutions for you – actually, my boyfriend is the one who did the testing, since he’s very good at building things! With my good ideas (and thanks to his efforts!), we came up with a few options that I’m happy to present to you.

Open storage spaces

When it comes to clothes storage, we often tend to think of furniture with drawers or a wardrobe. But you can achieve miracles with a unit featuring open spaces and shelves! Everything you put in remains accessible and is always in sight.

Storit Collection

For a slightly more attractive look, you could buy some coloured baskets or boxes that will hold whatever you want to keep out of sight (underwear, belts, swimsuits, stockings, etc.).
Best of all, if you can’t find a piece of furniture that will fit in your closet but you or your spouse can work with your hands, think about making what you need yourself.