Do something new with the old, part 2

You’re probably familiar with wall stickers – those increasingly popular accents for various types of décor. Did you know that you can also apply them to furniture? Give your pieces a whole new look – you can opt for classical, zany or colourful.

Sources: Mondrian style furniture, clothe  stickers on dresser.

We tried out the concept for you using two of our chests – one each from the Logik and Summer Breeze collections. All you need to do is visit an arts and crafts store, or any other big box retailer, and buy some stickers based on a theme that interests your child.

Note that some stickers, depending on their quality, are not very adhesive – so you have to make the right choice.

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re about to discard the piece of furniture in question: Some stickers, once applied, will not come off. Be forewarned!

Wall stickers are often easier to remove, whereas stickers created for no specific purpose other than to decorate your child’s diary, for example, are hard to take off and leave traces of glue behind… in some cases, they won’t come off at all!

Measure the flat surface of each drawer and divide the sticker using this dimension. Here’s how it would work for a sticker 500 mm tall and drawers that are 200 mm high, where you would like to place the bottom edge of the sticker at the halfway point of the lowest drawer:

example of a four-drawer chest and cut-out sticker.

Logik – Chocolate finish Boy’s version/Girl’s version

Summer Breeze – White wash Boy’s version/Girl’s version

And there you are! Why not go for it? There’s very little to hold you back!

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