Do something new with the old, part 3


As described in the previous two blog posts, breathing new life into your furniture by giving it that personal touch is quite a simple process. Changing the handles or applying stickers can be done fairly quickly. Our final suggestion, though, takes a little more time!

If your furniture just “doesn’t do it for you” anymore and changing handles or applying stickers is also unappealing, why not go with a colour change? Yes, that’s right – give your furniture a brand-new colour!

Changing the colour of your furniture can really impact how you use it! Take a look at the before/after images below – clearly, a little girl’s chest of drawers can easily be transformed into something for a little boy, and vice versa.


5-Drawer Chest from our Summer Breeze Collection

5-Drawer Chest from our Summer Breeze Collection


4-Drawer Chest from our Logik Collection

4-Drawer Chest from our Logik Collection

Here’s what you need:  

- An electric sander (or just some sandpaper). Both coarse and finer sandpaper (to create a nice, smooth surface for priming)

-          Primer (same as the type used on walls)

-          Paint (in a colour of your choice, same as the type used on interior walls)

-          A brush

-          A small roller


#1: Start off by thoroughly sanding the surface you intend to paint. This step is essential – if it’s not done properly, the paint will not adhere to the furniture surface.
Once you have sanded the surface properly, go over it again with finer sandpaper so the texture won’t be visible after you apply the paint.

#2: Prime the sanded surface.

#3: Paint the surface (you’ll quite often find that it needs two coats of paint – this will be dictated by the colour you choose).


If you choose to paint the drawer fronts, I strongly recommend that you take off the handles first, to make the job easier.




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