Throw a party while waiting for the stork!

Spring is often referred to as the season of birth… and celebrating a new life is a great reason for a party! Why not have a baby shower? Although they’re usually “just for girls”, there’s nothing wrong with a mixed crowd, that is to say, including the men as well. For another unique twist, you could divide the guests into two teams – males versus females – when it’s time for the games.


Shower Party. Source : Pinterest

Shower Party. Source : Pinterest


Although a mom-to-be could organize her own baby shower, it’s always more fun when her girlfriends do it… and even more so if it’s a surprise. Since I like to plan parties and I love surprises, I often volunteer to organize my girlfriends’ baby showers. A certain amount of planning is needed to make sure it goes off without a hitch:

1)      Step 1: Choose a date. Ideally, the shower should be held before the guest of honour enters her 8th month of pregnancy.

2)      Next, put together a list of potential guests. For an occasion such as this, feel free to combine groups of friends, immediate family members, the spouse’s family, co-workers, etc. After all, it’s a party for the mom-to-be. She’ll certainly be happy to see all the people who are part of her life come together.

3)      Buying gifts is always easier if you prepare a list of the future parents’ needs and send it out to everyone. You can ask each guest to choose their gift from the list and let you know what they get… so there shouldn’t be any duplicates. If the baby shower is meant to be a surprise, you can always let her spouse in on the secret and ask him to help you draw up a list.

4)      Depending on the time of day you choose, you’ll need to have a few eats or a meal on hand. If you decide on an afternoon event, some sweet treats, a non-alcoholic punch, a platter of raw vegetables and a dish of small cakes will work perfectly. If you opt for an evening party, you could make it pot-luck – each guest would bring a dish they make themselves.

5)      Planning some games and other activities, if you like, is always nice… especially if the guests hardly know each other or have never met – it’s a quick way of helping to put everyone at ease.


Shower Party. Source : Pinterest

Shower Party. Source : Pinterest


Showers are mostly held for a couple’s first baby. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do one for a second child. In this case, the items used by baby’s older brother or sister will be passed down, so you can focus more on the party rather than the gifts.


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