Blogs for April 2013

Make a doll’s house all by yourself!

Most little girls dream of having a doll’s house, but they can be quite expensive to buy. Here’s how you can use one of our bookcases to make this typical little girl’s toy on your own, at a low cost!

Doll's house

Doll's house

1)    Choose a bookcase from the range we offer: Pick the colour you like, the height you need (i.e., the number of storeys in your house) as well as the style you’d like to have – some bookcases have metal legs or mouldings that could give the doll’s house a unique touch.

We’ve opted for a very simple bookcase with two adjustable shelves. In our concept, the shelves remain at the centre holes so the space for the dolls is the maximum room height.


2)   Start by deciding which rooms you would like on each floor.

As an example, we’ve set up our living room on the first floor, the kitchen/dining room and bathroom on the second, and the two bedrooms on the third, with a rooftop terrace. To make the walls, we chose foam core – a material often used for presentations – but a cardboard box cut into sheets will work quite well. You can stick the panels together with adhesive putty or tape.

The super «monster-free» mates bed for kids

As parents, you know sleeping is really important for kids (for their health and yours!), therefore you must pick the right bed.

We offer different types of beds for children, because the needs vary from one to another.  However, here`s a list of many reasons that make the mates bed a perfect choice for little ones:

Design Benefits

The bottom of the mates bed is full, therefore no need for a boxspring; you simply put the mattress and it makes it economic.

  • The mates bed is 14’’ high to allow younger kids to climb in by themselves when it`s sleeping time.
  • The mates bed shape is rather simple, for easy mix & match with other dressers & chests.
  • The corners of the mates bed are rounded for more safety.
  • The mates bed is available in many different colors to suit different tastes & needs.

Functionality Benefits

  • If your little one is in transition into this big bed, you simply lift the mattress and insert a security rail.
  • The twin size or full size mates beds don’t take up more space than any other kid’s beds.
  • The mates bed features integrated storage with 3 perfect drawers for clothes or just for small treasures found everywhere in the house like balls, blocks, action figures (ideal if you lack space for an additional chest).

Find a new use for the clothes they’ve outgrown!

Every mom has this problem: Children grow very fast… perhaps even too fast? Some of their clothes can only be worn for a few weeks! If you have another, younger child of the same gender, problem solved. If not, what can you do with clothes that are still in good condition?

The first step is to make the task itself easier: Keep a bin in the closet and put all the clothes you can’t re-use in it, as and when this happens. Once the bin is full, it’s time to do a little housekeeping!

Sort the clothes

Step 1: Sort all the clothes. You may want to keep some for sentimental reasons, and dispose of others that can’t be re-used. Next, you need to decide how to get rid of clothes that are too small. Here are a few suggestions for giving them a whole new life – you’ll make some other families happy, while helping the environment!

Giveaways to moms-to-be

Do you know any moms-to-be? They would certainly be thrilled to get the clothes! Even if you personally don’t know anyone who’s pregnant, just ask around to see if someone would like to have them.

Donate to a helping agency

If you can’t find anyone to take the clothes off your hands or don’t have the time to look into it, donate them to a helping agency or a clothing outlet.