The super «monster-free» mates bed for kids

As parents, you know sleeping is really important for kids (for their health and yours!), therefore you must pick the right bed.

We offer different types of beds for children, because the needs vary from one to another.  However, here`s a list of many reasons that make the mates bed a perfect choice for little ones:

Design Benefits

The bottom of the mates bed is full, therefore no need for a boxspring; you simply put the mattress and it makes it economic.

  • The mates bed is 14’’ high to allow younger kids to climb in by themselves when it`s sleeping time.
  • The mates bed shape is rather simple, for easy mix & match with other dressers & chests.
  • The corners of the mates bed are rounded for more safety.
  • The mates bed is available in many different colors to suit different tastes & needs.

Functionality Benefits

  • If your little one is in transition into this big bed, you simply lift the mattress and insert a security rail.
  • The twin size or full size mates beds don’t take up more space than any other kid’s beds.
  • The mates bed features integrated storage with 3 perfect drawers for clothes or just for small treasures found everywhere in the house like balls, blocks, action figures (ideal if you lack space for an additional chest).
  • The drawers are all located on the same side, to allow you to push the bed against the wall and keep an access to the storage.  The bed is reversible so you can place the drawers on the left-side or the right-side.
  • Most of the time mates bed’s collections include a bookcase headboard, ideal to store bedtime books, alarm clock and the tissue box (no need for a night stand).

Quality of life Benefits

  • Since the mates bed completely covers the ground, it is not necessary to dust underneath every week.
  • The mates bed is of course made of non-toxic materials and components.
  • And the best feature of all is that monsters can’t hide underneath the mates bed, as it sits entirely on the floor, no space for them. You know this feature will help you greatly to reassure the kids in their sleeping routine !

Are you convinced ?  Every year thousands of consumers are and purchase mates beds for their children, and that’s why I can recommend it (as an employee, but most importantly as a parent)!



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