Blogs for May 2013

Simple Little Guide to a Feng Shui Bedroom

Does spring make you feel like changing your room layout? This simple little guide to Feng Shui can inspire you to bring good energy into your home!

What is Feng Shui?

First of all, Feng Shui is a Chinese system of thought. It is based entirely on the Chi, the vital life force, representing energy movements and energy in general.

Why have a Feng Shui bedroom?

Since we spend almost a third of our life in our bedroom, this vital room should cater to relaxation and sleep so we can recharge our energy.

By applying a few Feng Shui tips, you can create the peaceful environment you’re looking for!

  • Remove everything from your bedroom that is not sleep-related, such as the television, the computer and the telephone.
  • Favour a stable bed with a headboard.
  • Position the bed so that it is not under a window or facing the door.
  • Choose a comfortable mattress (so get rid of your old, run-down mattress!).
  • Avoid mirrors.
  • Use solid neutral colours. Avoid bright colours and patterns.

Of course, there are many other indications for a Feng Shui bedroom. However, these short tips will certainly help you sleep better! :)

For more information on a Zen bedroom, visit Alain’s blog post: The zen bedroom: Create an environment for yourself that’s conducive to sleep.

Make your own baby book!

We all like to have some nice memories of the first year of baby’s life – especially when it’s the first child. Are you one of those people who are familiar with scrapbooking, but think you don’t have the knack for it? You can create a very simple book that doesn’t need a lot of detail to hold people’s interest. And making something like that can really be lot of fun.

1. You need to choose a general theme. I settled on Sewing, since a child, to me, is something made with love – just like the little clothes we sew or knit for our loved ones.

2. Every human has a unique footprintthat identifies him or her. I see this as a nice way to identify your book without placing a photo on the outside – and it’s a tradition that many parents have adopted. Here’s how to do it:

    1. Choose the material you want to use for making the footprints: for example, you can just use paint or go with plaster for a relief effect.
    2. If you opt for plaster, find a small round plastic plate, into which you need to place a half-inch layer of plaster to get a nice-looking footprint.