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30 ways to keep children amused on rainy days — Part 1

Mother Nature brings her share of surprises, which can include bad weather – so you could run out of ideas for keeping your kids busy when it’s raining. Here’s a list of activities you can use for inspiration when you need to entertain them.

Rule #1: Be prepared! Set up a list of activities that your kids are likely to enjoy, and make sure you have everything you need on hand. Rule #2: Save some activities just for rainy days, so your kids can get excited about doing something special. Finally, be positive. Give them a good time despite the weather, and they’re sure to believe that rainy days can be fun… and to enjoy them all the more!

Do-it-yourself fun

 1.     Birdhouses

At your local dollar store, buy some wooden birdhouses that they can paint and varnish. As soon as the sun comes out, just hang them from tree branches.

2.     Themed mural

Attach a series of large white cardboard sheets to the wall and choose a theme for the mural. Any type of media – paint, colour pencils and/or glued-on magazine cutouts – is a great way to give free rein to the imagination. Here are a few ideas for themes: the sea, animals, insects, travel, the countryside, a farm, sports, etc.

Find another use for your changing station

Your little cherub is now older, so you don’t need a changing station anymore. Here’s an original way to reuse this part of the changing table – by converting it into an attractive bookcase that you can attach to a wall. Choose the spot carefully, so you can keep your child’s favourite books close at hand. For some decorative touches, head out to any supplier of good scrapbooking materials, where you can choose some attractive pieces that will make this little bookcase irresistible – to both you and your child.

Here are the materials and tools you’ll need to do the transformation:

  • 2 pieces of wood, 1¼” x ¾” (the length will depend on the size of your changing station).
  • Paint or stain – the same colour as your changing station.
  • 4 small plastic or metal brackets, and 5/8” screws.
  • Patterned adhesive tape, self-sticking letters and whatever else inspires you.
  • A drill with a 3/16″ bit, a paintbrush, a hot glue gun, a tape measure and a screwdriver.
  • Screws for driving into studs.
  • Recommended: Stud finder and level.

The process:

  1. Remove the changing station from the changing table.
  2. Drill two 3/16″ holes, 16″ on centre, into your changing station. These holes will be used to attach your bookcase to the wall.