Blogs for August 2013

Make a night stand into a mini-range for your child!

Before you get rid of that old night stand, think about recycling it… into a toy range for your children! Here’s how…

First of all, the night stand we chose for this project comes from the Cosmos collection. Another, more traditional, night stand would also have given the range a unique style, but I liked the look and colour of this model for my little household appliance!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pieces of MDF, particleboard or stiff cardboard.
  • 2 flat hinges
  • 1 suspension arm
  • Decorative paper, e.g., the kind used for scrapbooking
  • Printed image of an oven door glass
  • 4 printouts of burner covers or red and black foam
  • 5 plastic bottle tops or any other round, flat objects.

Existing Cosmos night table and the modified one

1. To make a new back for the range, take a piece of MDF, particleboard or stiff cardboard and cut it to the right size. If you don’t have the right equipment at home, you can get it cut in a hardware store. The piece needs to be the same width as the night stand, but 12 to 18 inches longer than the height so you have a back guard for the range.

30 ways to keep children amused on rainy days – Part 3

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Playing outdoors

No need for them to be stuck inside when it’s raining out! They can still get some air on warm summer rainy days. Dress them in raincoats or a body suit, and your kids won’t be afraid to get a little wet.

6.     Playing in puddles with rain boots on
7.     Water games

Create an outdoor water game, using empty bottles with a piece cut away or a hole pierced in them so you can attach them to a fence with Ty-Wraps, at different heights. Here’s an example.

8.     Hunting for earthworms

Humidity brings earthworms out of hiding. Find them at the curb, at the edges of your ornamental borders or hedges, or under rocks. Put them in a jar with holes in the lid. Once the hunt is over, you can release them back into nature or keep them in a jar filled with soil. They can be used as bait the next time you go fishing.


Exploring on-line

9.     Harry Potter’s world

Visit Diagon Alley on Google Street View.

10.  Online games

Search museums, science centres, etc. on the Web – they often have online exploration and discovery games.

30 ways to keep children amused on rainy days — Part 2

Playing indoors

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6.     Video “replay”

Learn the moves shown on a dance video. Put on costumes and prepare a little show.

7.     Indoor camping

Set up a small tent on the balcony, just in front of the door, or in a room. Cover the floor with a sleeping bag, blankets and pillows. Once they’ve crawled into the tent, your kids can read or play board games or a game of shadow puppets, using a flashlight to create shapes on the walls of the tent.

8.     Treasure hunt

Decide what the treasure will be (a stuffed toy or some other plaything) and place it in a box (or bag) that you show to the kids so they’ll recognize it. Write the name of each room in your home (kitchen, living room, entry hall, etc.) on a piece of coloured cardboard. Mix up the cardboard pieces and spread them out in front of you. Hide the treasure in the room that’s listed on the first piece of cardboard. Hide this cardboard in the room shown on the second piece, and so on. Hand the last piece of cardboard to the children so they can start the hunt.