An antidote to the “autumn blues”

Fall has arrived: Vacation is over, the days are getting colder, we’re seeing more rain, and the skies turn dark earlier in the evening. Let’s face it: Once the leaves start to fall, our spirits also tend to flag.

In an ideal world, we should all be able to enjoy a few days in the shade of a palm tree – but these plans, unfortunately, are often blocked by budget concerns and no more vacation time.

To mitigate the effects of this seasonal depression, why not use this opportunity to bring a little sunshine back into your everyday ambiance?! Here are a few ideas that will brighten up your fall days a little:

  1. Flowers: When it’s raining out, bring some flowers into your home and arrange them so they’re prominent in your décor. Nothing works better than a beautiful colored bouquet to create a bucolic ambiance that exudes the scents of summer.

  2. A bright, sunny corner: Choose a window for yourself, and create a small light therapy nook in which you can lounge with a good book, making the most of the daylight.

  3.  Touches of color: Restore some joie de vivre in your décor. Use some fun accessories of various colors. A fruit bowl you brought back from a vacation in the sun, a birdhouse installed where it’s least expected, or an animal-shaped accessory – any of these would spread some cheer in your home environment.

  4.  Summer scents: Put out some lavender-, fruit- or wood scented candles… to create a vacation-type ambiance, relaxation guaranteed.

Just one last thing, to add to the overall feel of summer: Put on some bossa nova tunes and start sipping a margarita! :)

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