Make a little hideout for your kids… from an old tablecloth!

Do your kids like setting up a little hideout in your home? If the answer is “yes,” then anything – rugs, cushions, a blanket, or chairs – can be used to create a little nook they can call their own. That said, here’s a much faster, easier way to make the perfect little “house”: the “table hideout”, which you can set up and take down in less than a second!

To set up their dream space, all you need is a tablecloth that’s long enough to cover your dining table and reach the floor on each side, a few pieces of tissue, and a little imagination.

Start off by choosing the type of hideout they’d like: a castle for a princess, a pirate’s den, a house in the country, etc. You can check out images on Pinterest and other sites for inspiration!

Once you’ve decided on the theme of your hideout, spread out your tablecloth on the floor. Use a pencil to draw the door and windows, and any other details you’d like to add. You can place the tablecloth on the table from time to time, to check dimensions and figure out where your drawings should go.

It’s now time to cut, glue, and sew your tissue pieces to the places you’ve marked on your tablecloth! Get your kids involved at this stage – they’re sure to be thrilled at this chance to help design their future hideout.

And that’s it… now you can just leave your youngsters to their fun!

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