Blogs for December 2013

Personalize your Christmas gift wrap!

With Christmas just around the corner, you’ve probably bought all your gifts and now, you just have to wrap them.

What I like to do, at the start of the Christmas shopping season, is look for the perfect gifts for everyone. And when it’s time to wrap them, I like to carry on this theme by personalizing the gift wrap. What could be better than gifts wrapped by you, in your own unique way, where you give free rein to your creativity? You can even get your kids involved in wrapping gifts for their grandparents.

For a few years now, I’ve been wrapping all my gifts in kraft paper – the well-known brown stuff (which you can buy, at a very affordable price, in any big box store). I love using this paper since it’s very strong and gives me a blank slate so I can do whatever I like! And I use it on other occasions besides Christmas, such as for birthday presents or any other time a gift is called for.

Once you’ve wrapped the box in kraft paper, you can make a ribbon out of a piece of leftover tissue you still have at home. Anything can be used as a decorative accent: jute, pine cones, sprigs from a Christmas tree, buttons, felt pompons, etc.

A DIY snow globe

Do you like the magical effect of snow globes? They’ve become really familiar, but are still appreciated for their beauty.

You’ll find a variety of snow globes that you can make yourself, with or without water, on the Internet.

Now here’s a suggestion for a snow globe, with water, that’s also a reflection of South Shore!

Here’s what you need:

  • A jar with the smoothest base you can find – so you’ll have a clear view – and, ideally, an airtight lid
  • Artificial snow and/or glitter
  • Figurines or whatever else you’d like to put inside the jar. If you prefer to make your own decorative items, use a material like Fimo or a foam you can sculpt, so it doesn’t react with water
  • Glycerin (keeps the particles suspended in water longer)
  • Distilled water, to prevent bacteria formation over time
  • Transparent silicone

  1. First, use the silicone to glue your figurines or other objects to the lid of the jar. Careful! If the walls of your jar are rounded, make sure everything fits inside the jar when you close it. Test this first by sticking them down with gummed paper or something similar.
  2. Once the jar is dry, fill it ¾ with water and add a few drops of glycerin.