Blogs for February 2014

South Shore Suggestions for Family Activities during Spring Break!

Spring break is eagerly awaited by students of all ages. Sometimes parents run short of imagination to find interesting activities for children. To inspire you, South Shore employees offer you their ideas for activities!

Veronique : If the weather isn’t nice outside, build forts indoors with sheets and living room furniture. Let your children create their own scenarios. Then bring them snacks so they can have a picnic!


Sophie : Organize dinners in the living room, maybe even in pajamas, after a full day of activities. For mothers with little girls, shopping with dinner in a restaurant is greatly appreciated, by both daughter and mother!



Alain : In colder climates, don’t miss out on winter sports like alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, skating and ice fishing!



Alejandro : Children are always eager for a classic outing at the movies and a family restaurant. It’s simple, but they appreciate it so much!


Michele : To make snowmobiling even more fun, attach a sled to the back on fine winter days. Guaranteed enjoyment!

Ginette : More “artistic” activities like do-it-yourselfing, scrapbooking and jewellery making, as well as playing with Lego and puzzles, are perfect for rainy or colder days.

It’s Valentine’s Day!

February 14 – the perfect time to show your special someone how much you love them! Did you know that, back in the day, Valentine’s was mostly geared to those who are single? The ultimate goal: to give people a chance to meet their soul mate.

Valentine’s Day has evolved over the years, so more people now see it as a time to express love for their significant other, their children, or their friends… and yet, we often forget that it’s also a great chance to show those around us how much they mean to us.

Are you short of inspiration for a way to show all the affection you feel for those around you? Here are a few simple ideas that are sure to touch the recipient’s heart.

  1. Happy times spent with people you care for are often captured through unforgettable photos. Print out one of these photos – choose one that reminds you of a good time you shared – and make it a gift for the person you care for, while reminding them how happy you are to have them as a friend after all this time.
  2. The best gift you can give your friends is… your time.

Style and Color Trends 2014

Once again this year, I am going to try and summarize various specialists’ views on interior decorating trends, ranging from colors to patterns to décor items for 2014.

You may find – just like last year – that these new trends don’t appeal to you. What’s important is that you choose something that “moves and thrills” you!

Let’s start with color!

You’ll notice that a palette often suggests a particular style (Traditional, Contemporary, Romantic, or Country) – so, depending on your décor, you may be able to use a single palette for your primary inspiration.

Let’s start with Pantone, where Radiant Orchid will be the color of the year. It won’t necessarily be a dominant color, but more likely used for accents in every aspect of design.

Colour of the year from Pantone

Why this color? Because it’s mysterious, with a complex composition. It helps you get creative – if you’re looking to set up a home office or a rec room, this could be a good choice – as long as it’s a color you like.
And if you look at Pantone’s palette suggestions for interior décor, you’ll find that they include a lot of purple hues.

If you’re not comfortable with these shades, maybe a more neutral wall color with purple accessories could satisfy your yen to keep things trendy without suffering any distress!