Style and Color Trends 2014

Once again this year, I am going to try and summarize various specialists’ views on interior decorating trends, ranging from colors to patterns to décor items for 2014.

You may find – just like last year – that these new trends don’t appeal to you. What’s important is that you choose something that “moves and thrills” you!

Let’s start with color!

You’ll notice that a palette often suggests a particular style (Traditional, Contemporary, Romantic, or Country) – so, depending on your décor, you may be able to use a single palette for your primary inspiration.

Let’s start with Pantone, where Radiant Orchid will be the color of the year. It won’t necessarily be a dominant color, but more likely used for accents in every aspect of design.

Colour of the year from Pantone

Why this color? Because it’s mysterious, with a complex composition. It helps you get creative – if you’re looking to set up a home office or a rec room, this could be a good choice – as long as it’s a color you like.
And if you look at Pantone’s palette suggestions for interior décor, you’ll find that they include a lot of purple hues.

If you’re not comfortable with these shades, maybe a more neutral wall color with purple accessories could satisfy your yen to keep things trendy without suffering any distress!

Benjamin Moore

Their palette is definitely very soft. It was apparently created as a response to the many colored accessories and decorative items now on the market, and to the color combinations used in landscaping, the auto industry, fashion, and graphic elements.

Colour trends from Benjamin Moore


Four palettes are presented under the Behr name. Seaside Harmony was inspired by the seashore or life on the oceanfront– you’ll see that these colors are very soft. Next comes Urban Alternative, which draws inspiration from the Industrial style, recycled wood, and oxidized metal. Grand Reign was inspired by various television series with a retro décor that have “hooked” a large segment of the population. Finally, Natural Avocation comprises colors that evoke geological wonders and celestial events that we have observed.


Three color palettes are available from Sico this year. The first one, Modern Mosaic, is a tribute to the growing popularity of handicrafts. The colors, while saturated, are not neon or acid. The second palette, named “Logical Perspective” because of its more neutral, earthy colors, lets you escape the sometimes hectic pace of day-to-day life. And the third, In Unison, reflects the harmony that exists between technology, nature, and man-made creations. It includes beach-inspired pastels and a few acid shades.

Colour trends from Sico


They’re still around this year, but I would say they’ve been reinvented using distortion or two or more patterns intertwined – for example, a tiled look with a flowered pattern. You’ll also find a few combinations side by side, as you see in fashion today. In your home, this trend can take the form of multiple cushions, with very different patterns, on a couch.

Patterns: image up leftdown left et image on the right.

Decorative elements

Using metal or a metallic effect will add a lot to your décor. And copper is the big thing this year!

Metal trend: image on the left et image on the right.

People are also shifting away from dark woods, such as espresso or chocolate, and moving toward lighter tones. So you could consider this trend when choosing your décor, by adding items that are natural or environment-friendly – in short, anything that says “back to nature.” Another style that’s still around is Vintage – as is reused wood.

Happy inspiration!

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