The joys of camping… in your basement!

Looking for an original activity, with lots of laughs, to surprise your little ones and give them a taste of summer? Why not suggest the joys of indoor camping… in your basement!

Every child will have fun organizing this very special evening. You can start that afternoon: first, put up the tents and lay the mattresses out on the floor, then get to work transforming your basement into an enchanted forest. Brighten up this space with Christmas garlands – they’re a great way to reproduce the most majestic starry skies. A small improvised campfire made from cardboard and tissue, with a few camping chairs placed around it – and there you go: you’re all ready for an outdoor evening of songs!

Another way to brighten up this great evening: get them to guess a series of prerecorded animal noises, or to cast a hook and reel in some jujube fish.

Close out the evening by reading them a nice little story by flashlight – your children will have some great adventures they can tell their friends in school about!

Happy camping!

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