An Easter egg hunt for your own little treasures

To enjoy the long Easter weekend with your family, what could be better than an Easter egg hunt!

Here are some tips on how to make this activity a success. 

First of all, I suggest you buy plastic eggs that split in half. : You can personalize them by inserting all kinds of little surprises for the children, such as chocolates, candies, stickers, press-on tattoos, etc. At any dollar store, you will find many little tokens that will delight your treasure hunters.

To spice things up a little, choose a different coloured egg for each child. They will have to find eggs in the colour assigned to them. This will also give everyone a chance to participate fully, regardless of their age.

Finally, since the children will be full of energy when they finish the hunt, prepare other activities to keep them busy: drawing or painting so that they let their imaginations run wild on Easter themes, colouring, creating bunny masks, etc.

Take the opportunity to immortalize your little drawings in photos and videos!

Happy Easter!


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