A mini-workshop for your child… made from a night stand!

Remember my post on how to convert a night stand into a mini-range? Well, now we have something for boys too! :) If you’re thinking of throwing away your night stand, why not consider recycling it into a mini-workshop (carpentry-type) for your children? Here’s how:

We started off by choosing the night stand from our Logik collection. I wanted something dark, so the metallic accents and bright colors would stand out.

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 night stand, preferably with a drawer for putting toys away

Night stand from the Logik collection

  • A screwdriver
  • Metallic wrap or vinyl

Metallic vinyl

  • Glue: Plain white or in a spray can
  • *Optional: A cup with a rim that’s wider than the base
  • 3 pieces (lengths) of MDF, particle board, or wood for the new back panel
  • Pegboard, to be used for hanging tools in the garage – equal width to the night stand and roughly the same height (if you don’t have the tools to cut it down to the right size, ask your hardware store to do this for you)
  • Wood screws (probably 6-8)
  • Hooks: Both standard and for pegboard

Pegboard hook

  • Adhesive tape in a variety of bright colors


1. Start off by taking the top off the night stand (it’s fastened with cams, which you can loosen with a screwdriver).

2. *Optional step: If you have the required tools, measure the diameter of your cup 2 cm below the rim and drill a round hole of this size in the top of the night stand. You’ll be able to insert the cup later, so your child can have a drink when it’s time for a snack!

3. If you decide on metallic paper, cover the top of the night stand with glue and smooth the paper over it with your hands. Same goes for metallic vinyl – but you don’t need any glue! To complete this step, turn the top of the night stand over and trim off the excess paper or vinyl using an Exacto-type knife.
4. *Optional step: If you’ve drilled a hole for a cup in the top of the night stand, cut out the paper or vinyl covering the hole so you can put the cup in.
5. Put the top back on the night stand, using a screwdriver to tighten the cams.
6. To make a new back panel, you first need to create a frame out of three lengths of MDF, particle board, or wood. If you don’t have the equipment needed, you can have the pieces cut to the right size at a hardware store. The part that will be the top of the frame should be the same width as the night stand, and the two side pieces should be longer (by 12-18”) than the height of your pegboard so they can support it when attached to the back of the night stand.

7.Use wood screws to attach the pegboard to your frame, then attach the frame to the back of the night stand.
8. Put the pegboard hooks on the new back panel so you can hang tools from them.
9. Attach standard hooks to one side of the night stand, so you can hang the cap and tool belt.

10. Decide where each tool will be hung on the back panel of the mini-workshop, and make an outline for it with adhesive tape – use a different color for each tool. The colored shapes will show which tools go where when it’s time to put them back!

Here are some alternatives for the steps I’ve suggested above:

  • Instead of sticking down paper or vinyl, you could paint the top of the night stand. Use metallic paint that comes in a spray can.
  • If you don’t want to make a new back panel, you can glue a garage-themed pattern to the wall behind where the night stand will go. You can even put in standard hooks for hanging the tools!

And there you go – you just need to buy a few accessories, and you’re done!

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