Try daring contrasts!

For some, daring means colorful. But this isn’t always the case! As I often say, a successful decor is a decor with contrasts! I have always found that contrasts highlight the items in a room, whether these are accent items, items of sentimental value, or simply items you find beautiful.

If you believe you can achieve contrasts only with colors, think again! There are also contrasting textures, which open up a world of possibilities.

Here are some interesting examples:

Contrasting textures

Bare brick wall with a divan covered in very fine fabric and luxuriously silky cushions.

Combining a very industrial steel chair with fur.

Color contrasts

You can opt for very pale walls and darker accents.

You can also use dark walls in contrast with pale furniture.

You can even dare to try such contrasts in your baby’s room!

Or in other rooms, regardless of the occupants’ age!

Don’t feel obliged to paint all the walls in pale or dark colours. Sometimes, just one wall is more than enough!

Finally, always bear in mind that you have to like your decor and always feel at home with it. Trust yourself and be daring!

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