Blogs for August 2014

A new look for our offices!

The workplace is probably where we spend most of our time – outside of home – during the week, so we thought it was important to update our space. With this in mind, we completely redid the layout and décor in our offices, and we’re happy to show you the results!

Curious to know how we did it?

Here’s the overall process!

1. We moved everything around and took away the screens, so the office would look much larger and we could have a shared workspace. Individual workspaces were defined by half-walls topped with greenery (artificial, of course!), to add a touch of the outdoors and liven up the various departments a little.

2. We then changed the wall and door frame colors, switching from yellow-beige to a brilliant pure white and replacing the dark red with charcoal gray to make the work areas look bigger and brighter.

3. The next step: find an accent color that would add some life to this great white space! Three key points had to be top of mind:

  • The location: It’s an office, not a private home.
  • Our goal: We wanted everyone to be comfortable, productive, and feel at home in their space.
  • Back to school for teens!

    Your little one has been growing so fast… and you suddenly realize that he or she starts high school this fall. Here’s a little advice you can pass on to your young teen, to help with the transition!

    • Avoid drama when starting high school! The idea is to blend in – not to get noticed for all the wrong reasons.
    • Don’t forget the fun side of high school! That first year can be a really fun and interesting time, but it’s all up to the child.
    • We hear this a lot, but it’s important to try to be yourself! Suggest that your youngster “keep it real”: pretending to be the coolest kid in class – or someone he or she isn’t – won’t do any good.
    • Don’t forget your schedule! If you can get your child’s schedule laminated, it’ll be easy to carry around. And if you’ve already got his or her planner, you can print out a smaller version and stick it on!
    • During the first study break or lunch period, check out the rooms you’ll be using the most. This will make moving around easier, so your youngster will feel more at ease.
    • Get organized! Your teen will probably need a binder for each course.

    Create your pennant banner in 4 easy steps!

    The most enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers work on a new DIY project every weekend for their children’s bedroom or playroom. But others appreciate a simple project that can be used for a long time (so they don’t have to start over every weekend). I have a really quick little project that may satisfy both seasoned and part-time do-it-yourselfers: a pennant banner!

    The project can be summed up in 4 very simple steps and only requires the following material:

  • Ribbon
  • Scrapbooking paper or cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • 2 small finishing nails or thumb tacks
  • #1 : Start by choosing a few sheets of scrapbooking paper or solid coloured cardboard. I suggest you mix colours or textures for a more interesting effect. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Be daring and you’ll achieve extraordinary results! ;)

    #2 : Cut sheets of scrapbooking paper or cardboard in triangles. I recommend a format of about 4.5’’ X 6.5’’ X 6.5’’, depending on the wall to which you’ll attach your banner.

    #3 : Determine the desired length of the banner and cut the ribbon you have chosen in advance. (For better results, it should match the paper you used for the pennants). Don’t forget that the banner will be curved, so you must provide for more ribbon.