Back to school for teens!

Your little one has been growing so fast… and you suddenly realize that he or she starts high school this fall. Here’s a little advice you can pass on to your young teen, to help with the transition!

  • Avoid drama when starting high school! The idea is to blend in – not to get noticed for all the wrong reasons.
  • Don’t forget the fun side of high school! That first year can be a really fun and interesting time, but it’s all up to the child.
  • We hear this a lot, but it’s important to try to be yourself! Suggest that your youngster “keep it real”: pretending to be the coolest kid in class – or someone he or she isn’t – won’t do any good.
  • Don’t forget your schedule! If you can get your child’s schedule laminated, it’ll be easy to carry around. And if you’ve already got his or her planner, you can print out a smaller version and stick it on!
  • During the first study break or lunch period, check out the rooms you’ll be using the most. This will make moving around easier, so your youngster will feel more at ease.
  • Get organized! Your teen will probably need a binder for each course. Check what the list of school supplies says!
  • Use your locker! Hauling everything around on their backs all day will just give them a backache. A locker was assigned, and it’s meant to be used – your child may want to set it up based on his or her needs.
  • Join a club or two! High school is interesting because it has clubs (or after-school activities) for just about anything. A club is one way for students to explore their interests and perhaps settle on a direction for future studies. Being in a club also helps them make friends who share their interests.
  • Try a sport! Only if your child is – even slightly – naturally athletic, of course. Team sports are another way to make friends and they also help young people stay healthy. Another plus: They force young people to build a good routine: studies show that students who play sports get better grades. Keep in mind, though, that team sports usually take up a lot more time than a reading or science club.
  • Be a part of freshman orientation or the school’s social events! Most schools organize an orientation day for first-year students, during which they get important information and hear about the various activities available. It’s also their chance to become familiar with the school and the services it offers, and to get to know each other. Same goes for school events, such as the senior team’s first football or soccer game. Watching or being part of these activities is often a great experience. And your child can go alone – a small detail that wouldn’t be noticed in the crowd! :)
  • To mark the start of high school, give your youngster’s room a whole new look– it’s sure to make him or her happy. After all, your child is now a teen. And it’s always great to bring new friends home to a trendy new bedroom!

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  • On the same topic, your child is now more independent – and would perhaps like to do homework in his or her room. When you change the look of the bedroom, add a desk! 
  • Finally, the stress of the first week is over! To mark the start of this new phase and reward your teen for getting through it (and for his or her courage – because it can be tough!), take your youngster camping or to an amusement park – it’s a sure way to be ready for the next week.

Have a good year!

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