A new look for our offices!

The workplace is probably where we spend most of our time – outside of home – during the week, so we thought it was important to update our space. With this in mind, we completely redid the layout and décor in our offices, and we’re happy to show you the results!

Curious to know how we did it?

Here’s the overall process!

1. We moved everything around and took away the screens, so the office would look much larger and we could have a shared workspace. Individual workspaces were defined by half-walls topped with greenery (artificial, of course!), to add a touch of the outdoors and liven up the various departments a little.

2. We then changed the wall and door frame colors, switching from yellow-beige to a brilliant pure white and replacing the dark red with charcoal gray to make the work areas look bigger and brighter.

3. The next step: find an accent color that would add some life to this great white space! Three key points had to be top of mind:

  • The location: It’s an office, not a private home.
  • Our goal: We wanted everyone to be comfortable, productive, and feel at home in their space.
  • • How long would it be until the next makeover? We wanted our new décor to last for years without “going out of style.”
  • So we opted for 6 “energizing” colors: purple, turquoise, green, yellow, red, and orange. They may not be trendy this year, but these colors are attractive, go together well, and should appeal to a wide range of people!

    4. We then needed to decide where our accent colors would go… and we chose the doors. This way, every employee could pick the color he or she wanted for his or her own office door!

    5. The only thing missing was some touches of color in the open areas. So we decided on wall decals, reflecting our 6 color choices, with a geometric nature theme (mountains, dandelions, birch trees, and leaves).

    6. To inspire the employees on a day-to-day basis, we asked them to choose a sentence or quote that reflects their department. We then applied decals with these sentences on the walls!

    7.As a final touch, we added dandelion lamps for a much more dynamic-looking ceiling!

    The result:

    an airy, uncluttered, and creative work space! We’re very happy with the final result, and it feels like we’re working in a totally new environment. Don’t be shy about using some of these ideas in your home office – or even your company offices! :)

    To see more photos of our office makeover, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest! Some departments aren’t finished yet – we’ll share those photos with you as soon as they’re done.

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