Say yes to eclecticism!

Eclecticism is a style most of us have at home, perhaps without even knowing it. Too often it’s adopted by default because we can’t pin down our favorite type of decor: we tell ourselves that it’s not totally country, or totally modern, and we don’t know if our style is more contemporary or more rustic! It’s not always easy!

But don’t worry: I’ve studied decorating, I work in decorating, and I still haven’t pinned down my own style (it’s probably unique on the planet!). I like to be able to change the look of my decor whenever I want! I find this gives my house personality, and makes me feel at home. You have the right not to have a specific style – that’s exactly what eclecticism means!

But what is eclecticism?

Eclecticism basically is a mix of styles: it mixes modern and traditional, or contemporary and a touch of rustic! Give yourself the right not to have a very specific style and make eclecticism more than a style by default, but a a style of your own!

But eclecticism can also mean:

Mixing colors: You’re not trying to make a pizza. On the other hand, you don’t want to settle for just one accent color per room. Multicolored rooms aren’t necessarily made for children!

Mixing textures: Often, people don’t dare to mix raw materials with high-gloss materials. But in the eclectic style, you can get away with this. With eclecticism, you can dare to experiment with high contrasts!

Mixing patterns: You can have a bit of fun with patterns! Once again, the goal isn’t to knock yourself dizzy with too many colors, patterns or styles. Bear in mind that you must maintain a certain guideline (style, colors or patterns). Choose just one, and let your creativity loose!

For me, eclecticism means daring: We often forget about our floor, but this is also a surface that can be decorated in its own way!

Ultimately, eclecticism is available to everyone, and this may already be the style you have at home!

Say yes to eclecticism! ;)

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