2015 Decorating Trends

I don’t know about you, but the new 2015 decorating trends make me want to run out and completely redecorate my entire house! The colours, patterns, decorating ideas…they all resonate with my taste this year!

But interior decorating is like clothing or hair colour: it’s really personal! So don’t feel bad if you don’t like 2015′s new offerings, and feel free to draw inspiration from some aspects and to leave the others aside.

This year’s colours

According to Pantone:

Marsala can be used liberally in a room without becoming overwhelming. It creates a very warm feeling and pairs easily with many other colours (Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year, for example). In my opinion, it can also be used for furniture and accessories, and it will age well. After all, just because it’s in style this year doesn’t mean it will be absolutely out of fashion next year!

According to Benjamin Moore:

Aquarelle is a colour you can use to add some freshness to your room. It is on the bright side, so make sure you really like it before you put it everywhere, because otherwise you could tire of it quickly. This has been one of my favourite colours for years, and I still love it!  For more daring decorators, this colour can also be incorporated into your furniture – it will give you a slightly retro look!


Several familiar patterns are back, such as chevrons (all-new and reinvented) and flowers (bigger and better). There are lots of geometric patterns this year as well, and finally, we’re still seeing the well-known Aztec patterns, with a slight new twist.

For decoration in general, style has definitely gone Scandinavian. That means rooms with very clean lines, white with touches of natural wood and fur.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to honour your own taste, so that your personality is reflected in your home!

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