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For a touch of summer in your home!

Summer is probably the season that passes the fastest – I’m never in a hurry for it to end, and I’m always impatient for it to arrive! I try to make the most of this season of sunshine, heat and ice cream by being outdoors as much as possible. I have found THE solution to get the most out of summer: integrate outdoor elements into the home (outside in), and vice versa! Here are a few tips and inspirations:

Outside in:

In your home, add the following decorative elements in your common areas and bedrooms:

  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Brightly coloured decorative elements
  • For even more ambiance, change the pictures in your frames to brightly coloured photos and summer landscapes.

    Inside out:

    For more comfort outdoors, incorporate some objects from your home on your balcony, on your deck or in your backyard!

  • Cushions, banquettes
  • More intimate lighting
  • An outdoor carpet
  • Follow these tips and you can make your deck as comfortable as your living room, and have a touch of sunlight in your home, even on the greyest days. In conclusion, I wish you a very sunny summer! :)

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    Try daring contrasts!

    For some, daring means colorful. But this isn’t always the case! As I often say, a successful decor is a decor with contrasts! I have always found that contrasts highlight the items in a room, whether these are accent items, items of sentimental value, or simply items you find beautiful.

    If you believe you can achieve contrasts only with colors, think again! There are also contrasting textures, which open up a world of possibilities.

    Here are some interesting examples:

    Contrasting textures

    Bare brick wall with a divan covered in very fine fabric and luxuriously silky cushions.

    Combining a very industrial steel chair with fur.

    Color contrasts

    You can opt for very pale walls and darker accents.

    You can also use dark walls in contrast with pale furniture.

    You can even dare to try such contrasts in your baby’s room!

    Or in other rooms, regardless of the occupants’ age!

    Don’t feel obliged to paint all the walls in pale or dark colours. Sometimes, just one wall is more than enough!

    Finally, always bear in mind that you have to like your decor and always feel at home with it. Trust yourself and be daring!

    Right out of a fable!

    In follow-up to the blog post on trends in 2014, I’ll now introduce you to a little animal that we see quite often today: the FOX, which I refer to as the “new” owl. I call it that, but it doesn’t replace that very popular bird, which is still around and remains just as charming.

    This little red creature is all over the place: in interior design, it takes the form of cushions, wall decorations, and night-lights, and also pops up in fabrics. On the fashion end, the fox is used in jewelry and clothing for the whole family, but it’s especially cute on baby clothes.

    I suggest you look at a few pictures for inspiration!

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    Style and Color Trends 2014

    Once again this year, I am going to try and summarize various specialists’ views on interior decorating trends, ranging from colors to patterns to décor items for 2014.

    You may find – just like last year – that these new trends don’t appeal to you. What’s important is that you choose something that “moves and thrills” you!

    Let’s start with color!

    You’ll notice that a palette often suggests a particular style (Traditional, Contemporary, Romantic, or Country) – so, depending on your décor, you may be able to use a single palette for your primary inspiration.

    Let’s start with Pantone, where Radiant Orchid will be the color of the year. It won’t necessarily be a dominant color, but more likely used for accents in every aspect of design.

    Colour of the year from Pantone

    Why this color? Because it’s mysterious, with a complex composition. It helps you get creative – if you’re looking to set up a home office or a rec room, this could be a good choice – as long as it’s a color you like.
    And if you look at Pantone’s palette suggestions for interior décor, you’ll find that they include a lot of purple hues.

    If you’re not comfortable with these shades, maybe a more neutral wall color with purple accessories could satisfy your yen to keep things trendy without suffering any distress!

    An antidote to the “autumn blues”

    Fall has arrived: Vacation is over, the days are getting colder, we’re seeing more rain, and the skies turn dark earlier in the evening. Let’s face it: Once the leaves start to fall, our spirits also tend to flag.

    In an ideal world, we should all be able to enjoy a few days in the shade of a palm tree – but these plans, unfortunately, are often blocked by budget concerns and no more vacation time.

    To mitigate the effects of this seasonal depression, why not use this opportunity to bring a little sunshine back into your everyday ambiance?! Here are a few ideas that will brighten up your fall days a little:

    1. Flowers: When it’s raining out, bring some flowers into your home and arrange them so they’re prominent in your décor. Nothing works better than a beautiful colored bouquet to create a bucolic ambiance that exudes the scents of summer.

    2. A bright, sunny corner: Choose a window for yourself, and create a small light therapy nook in which you can lounge with a good book, making the most of the daylight.

    3.  Touches of color: Restore some joie de vivre in your décor. Use some fun accessories of various colors.