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A Mom, Hardworking, and an Informed Consumer!

A post written by Annie Lavigne, Director Human Resources and Talent Development at South Shore Furniture, and a mom with 2 kids.

Mom = hardworking + informed consumer. Yikes! Four little words that put my mind in “alert” mode. But that’s nothing new: a whole lot of skills are needed to stay on top of all this! I’ve been working with the human resources team at South Shore Furniture over the past few years, setting up skill profiles for all the jobs in the company… and let me tell you: the list of skills for the “mom-hardworking-informed consumer” profile would be U-N-E-N-D-I-N-G!

  • Client-focussed (be ready to listen to our kids or co-workers)
  • Performance management (make the right choices when shopping, and for our families)
  • Organization and planning skills (no need to explain this one!)
  • Good judgment, decision-making (on a day-to-day basis)
  • Teamwork (able to look for resources on hand)
  • Creativity (to achieve a goal by deadline and on budget)
  • Enthusiasm (whatever happens!)
  • Leadership (those who like me will follow me!)
  • Ability to balance (otherwise everything else could fall apart).

Double yikes! We often pressure ourselves (too much!) to excel at all these skills… Are my girls eating enough veggies? The older one didn’t see a mistake in her homework – she won’t get an A!

Get set for Halloween with your little ones!

I’ve always loved Halloween, as far back as I can remember: the costumes, the decorations, and of course the CANDY! No doubt about it, Halloween was meant to be for kids – and I’m still a kid deep down, which is most likely why I always want to enjoy this time of year to the max. (We don’t often get a chance to dress up in costume and decorate our homes!) The best way to get your kids into Halloween is to include them in the preparations. You can get them to make the decorations for your home, their costumes, Halloween themed meals, or even some cute little candy bags for the other kids who’ll come trick-or-treating!

Here are a few ideas that are very likely to inspire you as you and your kids get ready for Halloween.

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Follow South Shore Furniture’s board Halloween decoration and recepices? By South Shore on Pinterest

To enjoy Halloween properly, it’s important to remain a child at heart! :)

Hello Fall!

Every season has its good side, but fall is probably my favorite! The cool weather, the return of boots and woollen scarves… The first red leaves on the tree in front of my home makes me feel like decorating the entire house for fall and leaving my deck for the comfort of my indoors! A note of caution: don’t confuse “Halloween decorations” with “fall decorations” Often, our fall decorations are part of our Halloween decorations, but the opposite isn’t necessarily true.

Here are two tips to decorate your home for fall.

Buy flowers in orange, red and yellow tones.

Dare to use artificial leaves to make a wreath or a centerpiece, or simply to replace flowers!

Use squash in a variety of ways.

Use candles to add atmosphere. (If you use perfumed candles, I recommend “Sweater Weather” or “Leaf” from Bath & Body Works).

Change the pictures in your frames to fall-inspired images.

Add a little touch of fall in your home, and say hello to fall!

Create your pennant banner in 4 easy steps!

The most enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers work on a new DIY project every weekend for their children’s bedroom or playroom. But others appreciate a simple project that can be used for a long time (so they don’t have to start over every weekend). I have a really quick little project that may satisfy both seasoned and part-time do-it-yourselfers: a pennant banner!

The project can be summed up in 4 very simple steps and only requires the following material:

  • Ribbon
  • Scrapbooking paper or cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • 2 small finishing nails or thumb tacks
  • #1 : Start by choosing a few sheets of scrapbooking paper or solid coloured cardboard. I suggest you mix colours or textures for a more interesting effect. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Be daring and you’ll achieve extraordinary results! ;)

    #2 : Cut sheets of scrapbooking paper or cardboard in triangles. I recommend a format of about 4.5’’ X 6.5’’ X 6.5’’, depending on the wall to which you’ll attach your banner.

    #3 : Determine the desired length of the banner and cut the ribbon you have chosen in advance. (For better results, it should match the paper you used for the pennants). Don’t forget that the banner will be curved, so you must provide for more ribbon.

    How does your garden grow?

    Are you getting that earthy smell outdoors, like when you’re walking in a forest? The snow has now started to melt – or it may even be totally gone… and the soil is coming back to life!
    If you have a green thumb, you know it’s time to start planting – in fact, some seedlings should be in the ground already.
    If this is a new experience for you and you’d like to give it a try – because you want to enjoy produce grown in your garden or do something fun with your kids – here are a few tips.

    1. First, you need to find a calendar that shows what fruits and veggies can be grown in your region. It will also tell you if you need to plant the seeds indoors first or can put them directly in the ground… and, above all, when to do this for each item.
    2. Now go through your recycling and look for plastic dishes, egg cartons, coffee filters, or newspaper that you can roll into tubes… or you can visit a garden center and buy containers specially made for seedlings.
    3. Once you’ve planted your seeds in these trays and watered them properly, you need to put them in the right place… maybe even build a little greenhouse for them, so they get optimal warmth and sunlight.