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Make a little hideout for your kids… from an old tablecloth!

Do your kids like setting up a little hideout in your home? If the answer is “yes,” then anything – rugs, cushions, a blanket, or chairs – can be used to create a little nook they can call their own. That said, here’s a much faster, easier way to make the perfect little “house”: the “table hideout”, which you can set up and take down in less than a second!

DIY Mustache

You probably know about the Movember tradition – where men grow mustaches for a cause! Movember is an official global charity that raises awareness of, and essential funds for, the fight against prostate and testicular cancer, as well as mental health issues.

Well, ladies, if you’d like to support your spouse, your family, or your friends and co-workers, I have a few ideas on how you could have a mustache of your own… so to speak!!


Key ring mustache

  1. Print the mustache you want onto a sheet of paper.
  2. You can either cut it out and have it laminated at a print center or punch a hole in it, or else apply a layer of wide, clear sticky tape to each side, then cut it out and punch a hole.
  3. Put it on your key ring, so it’s always accessible.

Another inspiration:


Mustache ring

… which you can put under your nose anytime!

  1. Buy a ring base in any arts and crafts store, or, if you have an old ring that you don’t want anymore… think of it as a donation to the cause!
  2. Mold your mustache design – you can use either Fimo or modeling clay.
  3. Make an imprint of the ring’s flat surface in the clay – this will be helpful for sticking the two pieces together afterwards.

8 delicious recipes to make with your pumpkins after Halloween

You have some lovely pumpkins to decorate your home for Halloween. Super! But what can you do with them when the holiday is over? Instead of throwing them out, here are 8 simple (and delicious) recipes you can make with your pumpkins.

Pumpkin puree recipe

You can’t decide on a pumpkin recipe? Make a nice puree. You can then use it in crepes, pies, oatmeal, and even smoothies!

Convert your desk into a make-up table

I’m probably no different than most of you in that I love changing the décor in my home. And what I like even more is changing it without having to spend a lot. The furniture we have often presents more potential than we think. For example, a night stand can be made into a mini-range for your little ones, or, as I’ll show you in this post, a simple desk can become a make-up table that you could customize to suit your teenager’s or your own personal taste.



Axess Desk

Axess Desk


This particular project doesn’t call for any required equipment – you can use what you have on hand! Ribbons, appliqués, paint, stencils, sequins, little storage boxes, etc.

1. You can start by changing the ambiance (for example, the wall colors) of the room where the desk is. This will give it a whole new look.









2. Next, you could add appliqués, ribbons or paint to some areas of your desk. In this case, I chose to place a ribbon on the hutch. I also painted a zigzag pattern on the drawer front, using acrylic paint and a stencil (see our blog post on how to paint laminated furniture).

A simple recipe for non-toxic homemade modeling clay

Modeling clay lends itself to some truly enjoyable activities you can do with your children… but it’s often expensive and always ends up dried out! So here’s a simple recipe for homemade modeling clay. Many other recipes can be found on the Web, but this one is ideal because it’s non-toxic, really inexpensive and calls for ingredients that are always within easy reach!


  • ½ cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • ½ cup water
  • 1½ tbsp. vegetable oil
  • Food colouring


  1. Combine salt and flour in a bowl.
  2. Add the right amount of food colouring (I used approximately 12 drops for the quantity in this recipe) to the ½ cup water.
  3. Add the water and then the oil, while mixing with a spoon.
  4. Knead with your hands until it’s evenly mixed and of the desired consistency.

*If you find that the clay is too soft or not soft enough, you can fix that by adding a little water or flour.
And there you go! To keep your clay from drying out, you can store it in a hermetically sealed bag or container.

2 little activity ideas that use modeling clay

Mixing colours

If you’d like to show your children what the various colours are made up of (e.g., purple = red + blue; brown = yellow + red + blue), double or triple the recipe, and add the water – without any food colouring – to your mixture.