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The art of hosting for Christmas!

The holiday season is always a little stressful for the person hosting the family Christmas dinner – and I speak from experience! Although you’re in the company of people you know and love, you want them to like what you serve and to have a good time, which is completely understandable!

Here are a few simple ideas that will help you avoid extra stress and ensure that you enjoy yourself too!


Your table doesn’t have to be excessively ornate! Gather together a few Christmas ornaments that you find particularly attractive, such as those made from glass and embellished with a lot of detail, and group them – along with a few candles or flowers, perhaps – into a centrepiece. You can use the white monochrome concept, as shown in the image below, or add a touch of colour in the form of green or red place mats or other decorations!


Serving an aperitif beforehand will help keep your guests occupied while you put the final touches to the meal. It also gives everyone enough time to arrive, while creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Main course

If you have your heart set on cooking, consider preparing a dish that’s within your capabilities and, if possible, that you can partly make ahead.

Space-saving solutions for your Christmas tree.

I just love Christmas! Although I’m now an adult, it remains just as magical for me as it was in my childhood! While each of us has different personal holiday traditions, most of us share one in particular: the time-honoured evergreen!


Not everyone’s home, however, is spacious enough to accommodate a “standard”-size tree, host a Christmas dinner for the entire family and maintain enough functional space for the entire month from the time the tree is set up! So here are two simple little solutions that are space-saving but won’t compromise the festive atmosphere!


Solution #1: If you have an artificial Christmas tree, you could simply set up just half or a quarter of it. Not all artificial trees lend themselves to this, however, but quarter and half-size Christmas trees are now available for sale!

Solution #2 : If you simply have no floor space for a Christmas tree, you could grace your wall with the shape of a tree using vinyl or lengths of wood (either painted or unfinished), and lights – a solution that’s only limited by your own creativity! For the less creative among us, feel free to search the Internet for a wealth of inspiring ideas!

A unique way to add wood to your décor

I’m one of those people whose favourite décor style is not very clearly defined. What I like is eclectic blends that bring together elements that have won my heart: plenty of wood, a mix of materials and handmade products created through small projects.

A new creation that has won my heart is a small coffee table created out of logs – a unique way to add wood to your décor while producing a harmonious blend of rustic modernity!

  1. Choose a log of the right diameter – it must be big enough to produce a table surface of the right size. In my view, you need a log at least 12 inches in diameter; however, individual needs can vary so you should go with what you like.
  2. Make sure you cut the log properly, using your saw at both ends. The log MUST be level.
  3. Remove the bark.
  4. Clean the log with sandpaper until it is dirt-free and very smooth.
  5. Use water lacquer to varnish the log. For optimal results, you’ll need at least two coats. You would be well-advised to wait a while after cutting the log before you apply the varnish. The wood has to be dry. Since it’s a natural material, wood can become warped, depending on temperature variations.

Add some birch at an affordable price!

Wood is often seen as an easy way to add some “warmth” to a room… and it’s true: Whatever the style, your décor can be enhanced by adding a touch of wood for a warmer look. Keep in mind that birch is a very special type of tree. This increasingly trendy interior design item works brilliantly with any décor – traditional, contemporary, country or transitional – since it lights up the room with a touch of white.

Décor examples that incorporate birch

Décor examples that incorporate birch

Adapting your décor to your personal taste, while keeping within your budget, can sometimes prove strenuous. How about creating your own unique piece from birch – at a low cost?
Well, here’s a little wall hanging that you can make at home, out of birch!

Birch wall hanging project

Birch wall hanging project

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tools and materials required

Tools and materials required

• Birch branches, preferably of varying diameters and lengths
• String
• A yarn needle with an eye large enough for the string
• A pencil
• A knife with a retractable blade (e.g., an Exacto knife) or a pair of scissors
• A tape measure
• Drill and bit (diameter 1/8″ to 3/16”)
• Adhesive tape


*Useful tip: We suggest that you read all of the steps set out below before you start the project.