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The super «monster-free» mates bed for kids

As parents, you know sleeping is really important for kids (for their health and yours!), therefore you must pick the right bed.

We offer different types of beds for children, because the needs vary from one to another.  However, here`s a list of many reasons that make the mates bed a perfect choice for little ones:

Design Benefits

The bottom of the mates bed is full, therefore no need for a boxspring; you simply put the mattress and it makes it economic.

  • The mates bed is 14’’ high to allow younger kids to climb in by themselves when it`s sleeping time.
  • The mates bed shape is rather simple, for easy mix & match with other dressers & chests.
  • The corners of the mates bed are rounded for more safety.
  • The mates bed is available in many different colors to suit different tastes & needs.

Functionality Benefits

  • If your little one is in transition into this big bed, you simply lift the mattress and insert a security rail.
  • The twin size or full size mates beds don’t take up more space than any other kid’s beds.
  • The mates bed features integrated storage with 3 perfect drawers for clothes or just for small treasures found everywhere in the house like balls, blocks, action figures (ideal if you lack space for an additional chest).

Our new Flexible collection – the name says it all!

Have you ever gone shopping for a new piece of furniture and found that nothing works with your existing décor? Perhaps you needed a bookcase for your son’s room or a small computer desk for one of the rooms on the main floor.

Our Flexible collection does away with this problem! The items in this line – which feature contemporary styling, a Black Oak finish and metal accents – are multi-purpose. So a night table can become a modular TV stand, and a three-drawer chest can be used for storage in either a bedroom or the family room. You’ll enjoy multiple benefits with this collection, which lets you:

  • Arrange a room to meet specific storage and organization needs. Bedroom or living room collections rarely include complementary items, so you have to look at a different brand or style.
  • Plan a consistent look or layout for your décor – a particularly appealing feature for open spaces such as lofts. Furniture in varying styles or colours can always be combined for a unique look, but this task can be enjoyable for some and a headache for others.
  • Put two identical – or different – items together to “build” the ideal piece of furniture for your space.

Various types of children’s beds

You’re expecting a new bundle of joy in your life and your eldest child needs to change rooms? You’ve moved, or your youngest has turned into a bassinet-climbing acrobat? For this and many other reasons, maybe you have to make do with a room small enough to give you headaches. I don’t have the solution to headaches, but I can sure help you navigate through the various types of children’s beds available on the market. Then you can assess your needs and decide which bed would suit you best.

Platform bed with legs

Platform bed with legs - 3050

Platform bed with legs – 3050

This type of bed has a simple look to it but may be just the ticket if you don’t want to buy a headboard. You can hide storage bins underneath. It’s a cost-effective solution since it doesn’t require a box spring.



Platform bed with storage

Platform bed with storage - 3159

Platform bed with storage – 3159

This bed doesn’t require a box spring either and has a drawer at the end, which is great for storing blankets and pillows.





Mate’s bed

Mate’s bed - Popular collection 2779

Mate’s bed – Popular collection 2779

The mate’s bed has a lot of storage space thanks to its three drawers, without taking up extra space.

Soon-to-be mom seeks change table

Expectant parents are always concerned about their baby’s comfort, so they put a lot of thought into organizing his or her new room. Since diapers will have to be changed several times a day until the baby is potty trained, it is important to choose a change table that is both comfortable for the baby and convenient for mom.

Change table - 3346

Change table – 3346

Choosing a change table: what makes a smart choice?

The change tables available on the market offer several types of storage. Drawers, doors and shelves help you to stay organized and keep all your baby care items on hand. These storage areas are easily accessible and allow you to change your baby safely without leaving him or her unattended. Here are some of the available configurations:

  • Open spaces for storing baskets. These storage units allow you to keep items within reach without having to move away from the change table.
  • Drawers at the bottom of the change table are useful for storing blankets.
  • A sliding door (see photo) creates an ideal space for storing fresh diapers and making them easily accessible.

The baby changer is located on the top of the change table. The surface is equipped with side rails to ensure the baby’s safety.