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Storage solutions

Does opening your closet doors strike fear in your heart? Are you reminded of a warehouse when you look under the bed? Is trying to find your youngest’s red pants like a treasure hunt? Maybe it’s time to reorganize!

Make sure your furniture meets your needs

The change table you bought when your little angel was born no longer has enough storage space for all the skirts and tops she looks so adorable in. Before adding an extension to the house or building a Beverly Hills-worthy walk‑in closet, start by looking at your current furniture arrangement. Purchasing a bed with drawers might be all that you need. Or maybe you can solve your storage woes by replacing the three-drawer chest with a double dresser and storage hutch added on top. If, however, after a systematic analysis you find that your rooms are adequately furnished but you still have a serious storage problem, here are some options you might find useful.

Wall storage

Cupboards or cubbies secured to the wall just under the ceiling won’t get in the way of your living space and will provide you with storage for those items of sentimental value that don’t get used daily. They’re a great place to safely keep wedding presents, out-of-season clothing, slides from your tender youth and the recipe books handed down from mom.

Come on kids—let’s all participate!

How many times have I heard women complain that their partners and children don’t pick up after themselves? I am guilty of being one of them, but those days are over. You’d do better to save your breath and take action while the kids are still young.

Around the age of 3 or 4, kids want to help out and do things like grown-ups do. This is a chance of a lifetime! It’s the perfect time to instill good habits, teaching your kids to put things away properly. If the plan works, they’ll gradually learn about organization and may even develop a sense of responsibility (I know, it’s music to the ears!).

Drawer organizers

I’m not talking about a boot camp for tidying up, just simple little things your kids can do. I have two girls that I adore, but I have no desire to constantly pick up after them (though it’s a great way to get a cheap workout!). That’s why the drawers in their bathroom have plastic baskets: one for toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss; another for hair elastics and barrettes; and another for combs and hairbrushes. It has become a reflex for them to put everything back in the right basket (they began using the baskets before they could even talk).

Organizing a Tiny Closet: What a Nightmare!

Everyone grumbles about the size of their closet. Yours is too small to fit your wardrobe. Your son’s room is too small for his toys. You’d have to triple the size of your front-entrance closet to store all your outdoor clothing. While there’s no magic wand you can wave to instantly make your closet larger, I have a few tips that’ll let help you maximize your closet space!

Make the most of vertical space


Have you thought about adding levels to your closet to get the most out of the height? Most closets only have one shelf above the pole, but all too often the space underneath remains unused. To add another level to your closet and maximize your closet space, you have a few options to choose from:

Try adding a second pole at the lower level of your closet—you’ll be able to hang even more clothing. That way, you can organize shirts and jackets on the top pole and pants on the bottom pole. This setup is even more effective with children’s clothing, which is generally shorter in length.

Not sure where to store that old, unused chest of drawers? You can make new use of it by placing it at the back of your closet.

How to get rid of monsters under the bed

The other day on the airplane, some of my good karma finally paid off: in the seat pocket were three beautiful magazines left behind by the last occupant. JOY!

  • OThe Oprah Winfrey magazine, a magazine full of wonderful ideas for your home, kitchen, body and soul.
  • Health Magazine: maybe a sign that I took it a little too easy on my vacation?
  • Redbook, which I hadn’t heard of, but the tagline Love Your Life piqued my interest.

In Redbook, there was an article about how families manage their sleep routines. If you’re a parent, you probably know what the most challenging time of day is: getting the kids to sleep is more art than science. But what are some ways to promote rest and relaxation?

As a designer, my first instinct is to ask if your room or your children’s rooms are optimized for sleeping. If they’re full of toys, books and clothes littered all over the floor, maybe you need a new storage solution.

One option is the mate’s bed (or captain’s bed), which offers plenty of integrated lower storage. This bed also solves a major problem: it makes it impossible for monsters to find a good hiding spot.