The headboard: a design focal point

The first thing you notice upon entering a bedroom is usually the headboard. Your eyes are naturally drawn to this piece of furniture. A room devoid of a focal point feels bland—it lacks oomph. Here are a few tips to help you choose a headboard that fits your style:

Making the right buy


When buying your furniture, select a headboard made of a different material that immediately attracts attention, like metal. You can also opt for a headboard with embellishments, such as wooden bedposts on each end.

South Shore - Temple Collection (719)

South Shore – Temple Collection (719)

Put your creativity to work


The beauty of creating your own headboard is that you can own something really original and one-of-a-kind. You can use recycled pieces, such as old doors or shutters, or paint your current headboard in an exotic colour, like sunset red, while leaving the rest of the furniture in natural colours.

South Shore – Montana Collection (792)

South Shore – Montana Collection (792)

Add accessories? Why not!


If you end up choosing a simple yet elegant headboard, but are still missing a certain something, use paintings, picture frames or even shelves to create a focal point right above your bed. A meaningful sentence or inspiring quote printed on imitation parchment, set in a frame as wide as your headboard, will add height and interest.

Decorating a baby bedroom: is it going to be a boy or a girl?

If you’re still unsure if your unborn child will be a boy or a girl, decorating his or her bedroom is not easy. Many parents prefer their baby’s gender to be a surprise, which can make decorating the baby bedroom a nightmare. Here are a few tips for creating a unisex decor that is calm and gentle—perfect for your little treasure, regardless of the gender:

A unisex baby bedroom

A unisex baby bedroom

  • The starting point for every decorating project is to choose a theme. Some themes tend to be more unisex, such as farm animals, insects, the zoo, the circus . . . set your imagination free!
  • Find a comforter that fits the theme you’ve chosen. To make decorating easier, it’s better to choose a comforter with a variety of colours and different patterns that will go well with the other objects in the bedroom. A variety of colours will give you great flexibility when it comes to choosing the colour of the walls.
  • For the walls, choose one or two neutral colours such as light green, lavender blue, cream, beige or yellow. If you’d like you can add some contrast by painting one wall in a deeper colour, like milk-chocolate brown or darker beige.

Liven up your Halloween

Even though big-box stores offer all kinds of ready-made Halloween decorations, you can also create your own low-cost decorations. Get your kids involved and you’re in for a fun family activity. Need ideas? Feel free to use ours!

  • Pumpkin carving is obviously a must. For an original twist on this Halloween classic, use hollowed-out pumpkins as decorative cachepots. Most importantly, don’t forget to save the flesh—you can use it to bake yummy muffins for your little ones. And why not top the muffins with coloured icing? Preferably orange, of course.
Decorative cachepots

Decorative cachepots

  • Use coloured cardboard to make bat, witch or pumpkin cut-outs and display them in your windows. You could even make small mice to place inside your home, as if running along the bottom of walls (you’ll find a template below).
Small mice

Small mice

  • If you’d like something more adult-looking, you can make stunning small squash arrangements—these vegetables come in several shapes and colours. Place them outside in rustic baskets filled with autumn leaves, or use them inside as a centerpiece on a modern-style plate.

To get you and your family in the mood, why not light up some scented candles while you’re working on your decorations? The smell of apples, cinnamon and spices will remind you that fall has arrived—and that sometimes there’s nothing like home sweet home.

Customizing your contemporary bedroom

Accessorizing a contemporary bedroom can be mind-boggling—there are so many textures, patterns and materials to choose from! Here are some tips that will help you choose the perfect accessories to breathe some life into your personal oasis of calm.

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary furniture is mostly about clean lines and neutral colours, so it can be used both with bright colours and surprising accessories, and in more sober and minimalist decors. It’s pretty easy to create interesting combinations—as long as you get the basics right.

Collection Gravity 3577

Find a starting point that blows you away

Do you want your bedroom to feel exotic, relaxing and make you forget all about your job? Find a starting point to serve as the inspiration for your decor. You should choose something that is really eye-catching. If you fall in love with a stunning bedspread, a beautiful painting or a sumptuous, sculpture-like lamp, use it as your starting point.

Have fun with textures

If you have a high-pile throw on your bed, set it off with stone- or steel-like materials. If you have a neutral-coloured bedspread with minimalist patterns, choose cushions with intense textures and bright colours. If the wood grain in your furniture is very pronounced, more uniform textures are in order.

For fall, there’s no place like home

Fall is now upon us. As nice as the sunny days and nature’s colourful displays are, we must also accept the inevitable cooler temperatures and nights that are so cold they make you want to declare hibernation and not come out until spring.

After such a busy summer season, taking some downtime this fall is well deserved. Are you familiar with cocooning? Some call it “stay-at-home syndrome.” My definition includes cold, rainy weather, pyjamas or old sweats and a warm blanket.



The list of indoor activities can sometimes seem redundant, and you may want to do something more than watch a movie or read a book. Whether you’re home alone or with a group, if you are looking for original ideas for indoor activities, consider these suggestions for a fun day of cocooning:

  • The harvest this time of year provides an abundance of apples, squash and pumpkins. Now is the time to make soup, cookies, muffins, crumbles, pies and other delicious goodies. Follow your imagination and create new recipes using winter squash and then share the fruits of your labour with family and friends.
  • Do you have an upcoming project in mind? Use this time to start planning. Read some magazines and browse websites for renovation or decorating ideas.