For a touch of summer in your home!

Summer is probably the season that passes the fastest – I’m never in a hurry for it to end, and I’m always impatient for it to arrive! I try to make the most of this season of sunshine, heat and ice cream by being outdoors as much as possible. I have found THE solution to get the most out of summer: integrate outdoor elements into the home (outside in), and vice versa! Here are a few tips and inspirations:

Outside in:

In your home, add the following decorative elements in your common areas and bedrooms:

  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Brightly coloured decorative elements
  • For even more ambiance, change the pictures in your frames to brightly coloured photos and summer landscapes.

    Inside out:

    For more comfort outdoors, incorporate some objects from your home on your balcony, on your deck or in your backyard!

  • Cushions, banquettes
  • More intimate lighting
  • An outdoor carpet
  • Follow these tips and you can make your deck as comfortable as your living room, and have a touch of sunlight in your home, even on the greyest days. In conclusion, I wish you a very sunny summer! :)

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    4 tips for moving your South Shore furniture

    You’re planning to move soon, but you can’t afford to hire professionals on your budget? Saving money by doing the work yourself is a good idea, but you mustn’t let the move jeopardize your goods or endanger your health. If you’re concerned about the prospect of having to transport furniture on your own, here are 4 tips that could spare you worries… and backaches.





    1.       Take a strategic approach:

    First evaluate the route you will have to take and make sure all the furniture to be moved will pass freely through the hallways and door frames. Don’t forget that it’s sometimes easier to move furniture when it’s vertical instead of horizontal! If you choose to drag your furniture along the floor, place a cover underneath first to protect your floor. You can also use Magic Sliders, which do the job very well.

    2.       Lighten and secure the load:

    Empty the furniture completely and remove the parts that come out easily, such as the drawers and removable shelves. For cabinet doors, strap the unit to prevent it from opening during moves. It would also be a good idea to use zip bags to store hardware. To avoid having to search for the zip bag, simply tape it to the part concerned (on the unexposed surfaces to avoid damaging the finish).

    Do it yourself – Candy cart

    Summer is here – the season for block parties, children’s parties, and weddings! Two great projects for this time of year (that are sure to delight your kids as well) involve converting our printer stand on casters (7250-691) into a candy cart or a costume cart.



    Candy cart

    What you need:
    • Our printer stand on casters or a similar piece of furniture you have at home
    • Gift wrap or scrapbooking paper, in bright colors (think “circus!”)
    • White glue or a hot glue gun
    • Paint (in a vibrant color) for the printer stand handle
    • Colored ribbons for the pennant string
    • 2 long handles
    • Large sheets of cardboard, “carton-type” (white is best, but brown will also work)
    • Pencils for drawing a logo, or a logo you can print from a website
    • Jars and candy
    • Decorations that match your taste: Balloons, images, etc.

    Here’s the process:

    1.  Pennant string: Cut a series of flags out of the gift wrap or scrapbooking paper, and stick them in a row onto colored ribbons, using white or hot glue. Let the pennant string dry.                                                                                                                  
    2. Colored handle: Take the handle off the piece of furniture you’re using and paint it a bright color that will go with the paper you’ve chosen.

    How does your garden grow?

    Are you getting that earthy smell outdoors, like when you’re walking in a forest? The snow has now started to melt – or it may even be totally gone… and the soil is coming back to life!
    If you have a green thumb, you know it’s time to start planting – in fact, some seedlings should be in the ground already.
    If this is a new experience for you and you’d like to give it a try – because you want to enjoy produce grown in your garden or do something fun with your kids – here are a few tips.

    1. First, you need to find a calendar that shows what fruits and veggies can be grown in your region. It will also tell you if you need to plant the seeds indoors first or can put them directly in the ground… and, above all, when to do this for each item.
    2. Now go through your recycling and look for plastic dishes, egg cartons, coffee filters, or newspaper that you can roll into tubes… or you can visit a garden center and buy containers specially made for seedlings.
    3. Once you’ve planted your seeds in these trays and watered them properly, you need to put them in the right place… maybe even build a little greenhouse for them, so they get optimal warmth and sunlight.

    Try daring contrasts!

    For some, daring means colorful. But this isn’t always the case! As I often say, a successful decor is a decor with contrasts! I have always found that contrasts highlight the items in a room, whether these are accent items, items of sentimental value, or simply items you find beautiful.

    If you believe you can achieve contrasts only with colors, think again! There are also contrasting textures, which open up a world of possibilities.

    Here are some interesting examples:

    Contrasting textures

    Bare brick wall with a divan covered in very fine fabric and luxuriously silky cushions.

    Combining a very industrial steel chair with fur.

    Color contrasts

    You can opt for very pale walls and darker accents.

    You can also use dark walls in contrast with pale furniture.

    You can even dare to try such contrasts in your baby’s room!

    Or in other rooms, regardless of the occupants’ age!

    Don’t feel obliged to paint all the walls in pale or dark colours. Sometimes, just one wall is more than enough!

    Finally, always bear in mind that you have to like your decor and always feel at home with it. Trust yourself and be daring!