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Making an “enlightened” choice in window coverings

Decorating a room can be as simple as adding an attractive vase, a stylized area rug or even a beautiful piece of art. We tend to forget, however, that window coverings can also be a little “extra” that’s very easy to fit into your décor – even more so since they’re an essential addition most of the time.

Let’s start with the basics: How do you choose the right window covering?

  • You first need to decide on the style you would like for your room: contemporary, country, traditional or eclectic*?
    *Eclectic: A room done in eclectic style is a combination of various décors.
  • Decide what you need based on factors like privacy, lighting, the existing décor, etc.
  • Next, find the window covering that works best for you.

Traditional blinds

These are often under-estimated, since we think of the old aluminium blinds that used to be all the rage many years ago! Today, however, wooden blinds definitely have a decorative appeal that shouldn’t be dismissed. They’re just the thing for complete privacy with no light or for some privacy with the light from outdoors filtering into the room. Blinds are highly versatile and practical, since they go well with any style.

Add some birch at an affordable price!

Wood is often seen as an easy way to add some “warmth” to a room… and it’s true: Whatever the style, your décor can be enhanced by adding a touch of wood for a warmer look. Keep in mind that birch is a very special type of tree. This increasingly trendy interior design item works brilliantly with any décor – traditional, contemporary, country or transitional – since it lights up the room with a touch of white.

Décor examples that incorporate birch

Décor examples that incorporate birch

Adapting your décor to your personal taste, while keeping within your budget, can sometimes prove strenuous. How about creating your own unique piece from birch – at a low cost?
Well, here’s a little wall hanging that you can make at home, out of birch!

Birch wall hanging project

Birch wall hanging project

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tools and materials required

Tools and materials required

• Birch branches, preferably of varying diameters and lengths
• String
• A yarn needle with an eye large enough for the string
• A pencil
• A knife with a retractable blade (e.g., an Exacto knife) or a pair of scissors
• A tape measure
• Drill and bit (diameter 1/8″ to 3/16”)
• Adhesive tape


*Useful tip: We suggest that you read all of the steps set out below before you start the project.

Stuck with White? Here’s a Survival Guide!

You may be at this stage right now, or you’ve already gone through it: At one point or another, everyone goes through the apartment living phase!

We’re often told that creating an accent wall will help “punch up” our décor. It’s a great solution, as long as it’s “doable” – but it may be impossible for any number of reasons: the landlord says you must repaint the wall white when your lease is up, or painting is just not your thing… so here’s our guide to surviving when you’re “stuck with white”!

Making do with white is in fact great news, since this colour is “hot” right now. One key benefit is that it brightens up a room with inadequate lighting and makes it look bigger. Think of the white walls as a blank canvas on which you can give free rein to your imagination and creativity!

White living room

White living room

Here are a few tips to make your new canvas “sing”:

  1. Play with different textures and materials: a microfibre sofa, a glass table and a few white faux fur cushions can add a little glam to the room.
  2. If you feel the urge to play with variations, think about diverse shades of white – eggshell, cream and ivory, to name just a few.

Organizing a Tiny Closet: What a Nightmare!

Everyone grumbles about the size of their closet. Yours is too small to fit your wardrobe. Your son’s room is too small for his toys. You’d have to triple the size of your front-entrance closet to store all your outdoor clothing. While there’s no magic wand you can wave to instantly make your closet larger, I have a few tips that’ll let help you maximize your closet space!

Make the most of vertical space


Have you thought about adding levels to your closet to get the most out of the height? Most closets only have one shelf above the pole, but all too often the space underneath remains unused. To add another level to your closet and maximize your closet space, you have a few options to choose from:

Try adding a second pole at the lower level of your closet—you’ll be able to hang even more clothing. That way, you can organize shirts and jackets on the top pole and pants on the bottom pole. This setup is even more effective with children’s clothing, which is generally shorter in length.

Not sure where to store that old, unused chest of drawers? You can make new use of it by placing it at the back of your closet.